Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

I didn’t estimate on Friday and I somehow only spent $56 this weekend: $26 on two lunches, $14 at Target, and $16 at Trader Joe’s.

Went to the dog park, where this one little chihuahua was in the big dog section and was LOVING it. She kept playing with my very large puppy, which was adorable. Read in the backyard for several hours because it was so nice out. Went to some holiday market with my in-laws, since I have been avoiding them lately and figured I needed to put in some face time. I totally lost all good will I gained from this by telling my husband that I never wanted to see any of his family ever again like three hours later. In my defense, he is the one who read me a racist facebook post one of them liked, which triggered my comment.

OK, just need to get through this 3-day week. I really need a long weekend and some quality time with my family. My brother is here for almost a whole week!

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