We’re Happier if We Pay Someone Else to Do Our Chores
Nicole Dieker

I pay someone to clean my house, and I know this is technically frivolous spending, but I do not regret it at all. I pay the woman who cleans directly, so I know she is getting the full amount ($170 per visit). She has a key, and she comes while we are at work, and it is the best feeling to come home to a clean house. I still have to vaccum every 2 days (german shepherd problems) and I clean my kitchen counters frequently, but having someone else do the big cleaning is so nice. Other than this and buying only nonstop flights, I don’t really spend much on time saving things. Oh, added bonus of paying someone else to clean is that it cuts down on in-house resentment by the person who ends up cleaning more (this has been true with my husband and with prior roommates).