Monday Check-In
Megan Reynolds

Late check-in because I’m still in California and finally got on California time (right before leaving). Great weekend! Friday I braved the rain and went to dim sum, SFMOMA, coffee with a friend, and various food stops in the Mission. Spent like $70 total on museum admission, lyfts, and food. Went out to Vietnamese food ($31) with my friend down the street from her apartment. Saturday my friend made omelets, we walked around Ft. Mason, then drove to Sausalito to go sailing. Two of my friends did months of sailing lessons. So fun. Spent $20 on a sandwich and some snacks. Got dinner in Sausalito after. I think $20 for that too. Got up Sunday, got stuck in the half marathon street closures, made it to my parents’ house by 10. Had breakfast, ran a few errands ($15 on a gift, $20 at See’s candy). Spent the rest of the day with family, went out to dinner, and played board games. Hanging out here one more day, then taking a redeye back tonight. Allegedly going straight to work tomorrow, but that may not be as easy at 35 as the last time I did it (like 5 years ago).

I think I did pretty good on spending for a vacation weekend!

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