Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Leaving tomorrow morning for Boston and Maine. I haven’t gone away for this long (9 days) in so long. Today I will attempt to get all of my work done and to sneak away at lunch to do some last minute clothes shopping (NONE of my jeans fit. Diet starts post-vacation). Will estimate $50 for cheap jeans and maybe another shirt and $20 for some kind of quick dinner while packing tonight. Getting a ride to the airport tomorrow and will probably bring snacks for the plane since we are flying out of a tiny airport with nothing worth buying for lunch. Then will need to cab to Boston (I read online that Uber/Lyft aren’t allowed at BOS??). Dropping off bags at my husband’s cousin’s apartment and walking around until we meet back up with him for dinner. I will say $150 for everything tomorrow. Sunday will do various touristy activities and eat a lot (open to suggestions!) and then we are going to a Red Sox game. I still need to buy tickets on StubHub, probably just bleacher seats. I guess I will estimate $200 for that day. I probably won’t check in Monday and therefore won’t have to hold myself accountable for overspending.

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