Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

My accident-prone puppy injured himself, so I spent most of the weekend keeping him company on the couch. Fine by me. Other than that, I cleaned up from our hurricane prep (much better than cleaning up from an actual hurricane; we got so lucky in South Florida), went out to lunch Friday ($9 at a fast food chicken place, not chick-fil-a but a different one), went into work for a few hours Friday afternoon, got an awesome greek omelette at a diner ($15), went out for pizza with my parents, and got a few groceries ($23; I was hurrying and forgot like half of what I needed). My husband went to a football game and spent about $40 on food and parking. $87 total, way under my estimate, but I am sure the savings from staying home with the dog will be put to quick use at my vet appointment in an hour.

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