Monday Check-In
Megan Reynolds

My coworker brought in donuts, and I got a pumpkin one. And another coworker brought in her dog in a costume. Monday is off to a great start. I forgot my phone today, so I don’t have my exact totals, but I know I was under my $200 estimate, mainly because I didn’t get my act together to run most of my errands. We ate a lot of food outside the house, but it was all cheap (burgers at a bar, sandwiches at a diner, burrito bowls, etc.) I bought some coasters and hand towels and two frames. I think that is it. Did not get around to carving pumpkins, oops. The giant pumpkins I bought still look nice on the front porch. I am going to attempt to concentrate at work today so I can leave work early to get home in time for trick or treaters.

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