Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Well, I already made a mid-morning trip to Costco because my mom told me the nylabone chew toy 3 packs were on sale, which I knew meant they were being discontinued. I bought 6 packs and some strawberries.

Making dinner tonight since I bought chicken for last night and we ended up going out to dinner. Possibly the skinnytaste bruschetta chicken.

Probably trying an Ethiopian restaurant in Palm Beach for dinner tomorrow. This is apparently the only Ethiopian restaurant in South Florida, but it has good reviews.

I don’t know. Dog park at least once. Maybe getting bagels or breakfast sandwiches somewhere. Grocery shopping. Maybe getting some decorative stuff for my office, including some frames. Exercise of some sort. Oh, my husband turned the pool settings off metric, so we now understand the temperature reading, and the pool is warm, so probably finding the pool rafts and spending a few hours laying on a raft. That sounds like a good plan. May invite some friends over and grill.

I’ll just say $200 and see what happens.