Monday Check-in, Post-Nuptials Edition
Ester Bloom

Well, I have like 50 things to do today and I didn’t even estimate, but sure, why don’t I type up my weekend spending! Friday after work- picked up the dog at daycare, stopped for gas ($26) and a woman in the next car acted like I was a criminal for having my dog in the car (with the door open) while I spent 3 minutes getting gas. Got burgers ($21) and ate while watching cops interview a group of stoner teenagers who witnessed a car accident. Ordered a few photos online ($4).

I needed to get blood work done Saturday and I did not have an appointment, so I showed up right when they opened at 7. They took me right away, then I went and had breakfast with my parents since I was near their house and I figured they would be up early. They paid but needed $2 more in cash for the tip, so I gave them that. Outlet shopping to try to get some shorts and t-shirts that fit ($136). Ate lunch at home and immediately left for my haircut appointment ($50). Stopped at target ($10). Home around 4:15 and relaxed a bit then went to a barbecue (brought a salad). After that, I was ready to crash. My husband went grocery shopping ($55, mostly on snacks/frozen pizzas for our dogsitter).

Sunday: Laundry laundry. My husband’s friend came over so we could show him all the dog stuff and how to work the complicated TV remote (his main request), etc. for dogsitting next week. He ended up staying until 2, so I got a late start to the day (opposite of Saturday). A few quick errands (-$33 for a return; $7 in a few additional grocery items; library). Made big salads with grilled chicken for dinner.

So, 278 total but it was mostly necessities.

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