Monday Check In
Megan Reynolds

Well, I spent more than my estimate, but other than ice cream ($3), no money on non-grocery food and drinks. Basically just Costco ($147), Target ($40 + $20 on two trips, mostly candles and cleaning supplies). I also got an eye exam ($10 copay). I wore glasses from ages 5-13, now haven’t worn any for 22 years, had gone like 5 years without an exam, and was totally expecting them to tell me I needed glasses. I did get a warning about sun damage and instructions to wear sunglasses more often. So, $220, and got a lot of household supplies.

On the bright side, my mom got out of the hospital and is recovering well, I got to spend a lot of time with my baby nephew, and the lunch with my husband's family was fine. I also spent a big chunk of last night watching shows on HBO Go in bed, which was incredibly relaxing.

Hoping for a low-key week, aided by the fact that my boss is out of town for 3 days. And by the fact that I am still at home, heading to the doctor in a minute, then getting to work at lunchtime. Looking forward to reading about everyone’s weekends once I am back in the office.

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