OC Blog Post: The Journey So Far…..

Hello friends!!!! It has been a few short weeks since my last blog post and I am sorry for not keeping up with it, but I have just been super busy with having fun as well as learning more about my faith with God that I just have not used my computer a lot. A few minor updates before I get into the story I want to share is that I am not working at Air Circus, I lost that job the same day I posted it (kind of ironic) and have had a lot of bad luck in the job department since, but now I am working at McCru with 20 other students on project and I honestly could not be happier as it is going to be a super fun time working with them.

So I have a huge story to tell as God works in the most awesome ways possible and uses things I have never expected (like my favorite song and band) in order to share his gospel. So this week is called Killing the Giants week and it is a very famous week in project history as it is the week most often cited as people’s favorite week on project as it is the one typically with the most growth. As the challenge this week is to go out and share your faith as much as possible in order to reach a goal of 4,293 spiritual conversations (a goal we came up with), along the boardwalk as well as on the beach and at work. In this way, we are facing the giants that prevent us from sharing our faith and I have seen God work in so many ways as we started Sunday and ended up having 1300 spiritual conversations by Monday night, which is so AWESOME!!!! It is astounding that in the span of two days we already had that, and I was praying we would not slow down at all, then the rain came and the old adage says when it rains it storms.

The Storm

In the past two days, I have seen sickness, emergency room visits, saying goodbye to a really great friend here on project as she went home as well as many other things stepping into our way to stop our goal. My friend Jack even saw lightning hit the ground super close to him and saw his life flash before his eyes. This week has been one of the hardest for all my friends (and me) since we came to project and to go out sharing our faith with all that is happening we are just trusting God to move in spectacular ways. This leads into an awesome story that happened just last night…..

That time Foo Fighters led to the Gospel

So I went out sharing last night with my friend Bri and got to tell you, I was not in the best mood to go sharing (due to a lot of feeling down and just not feeling well), but still wanted to go because I have come to really like sharing my faith and having these honest conversations as well as it is what we are called to do here. So we were passing this young guitarist who had a My Chemical Romance shirt on (great band by the way) and we were going to share with him, but there was a lot of people around in front of him and thought maybe we should come back later as he was busy playing.

So I want to give a little picture of how we came to talk to him, you know when a dog with long ears something and his ears kind of perk up, like imagine a dog hears another dog and puts his ear up to see exactly how far the dog is away and what he is “saying.” This is exactly what happened to me

So as we are passing the guitarist, I just hear the song he is playing and here is exactly how my thought process went like I know that song, its by the Foo Fighters, wait that is Everlong by the Foo Fighters, ever notice when a dog gets really excited when he hears a certain word that is exactly how I get when I hear this song. I am apparently just like a dog in this story, but anyway. So I went up to him and asked about the song and started talking music, (by the way, I did not tell Bri that I was going over, I just went) and he had really good music tastes and was super talented. So as we were talking with, Bri asked if we could run through the survey with him that we use to initiate a spiritual conversation as well we continued and used the KGP (Knowing God Personally booklet, for those not initiated in Cruisms). We went through the whole thing and he found that what we were saying expressed the desires of his heart as he grew up being a Christian, but never prayed the prayer at the end of the book. He accepted Jesus into his heart and I honestly cannot believe that it happened, especially the way that it did. This goes back to a verse that I have used before, but it is so true, Ephesians 3:20: “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine according to his power that is at work within us.” God used something that I never thought he would in order to lead to a gospel conversation. It goes to show that God places certain things in our lives in order to use them further on down the road, even if it is the love of a great rock band led by one of my heroes and the love of a song that challenges me and is beautiful, God works in the most mysterious ways and honestly cannot wait for the rest of this week and summer to see what else he has in store for all of us here in Ocean City.

Meet the Foo Fighters

Prayer Requests

  • I am still raising support before the end of the summer and would appreciate prayers in that
  • Prayers for finishing this week for all of us as we want to kill as many giants as possible
  • As well as prayers for all those who have accepted Christ thus far as well as the many spiritual conversations we have had
  • That God keeps working in all of us and lets his spirit flow in us.

PS: Thank you all for reading my blog and hope to keep you more updated as the weeks go on and how God is truly moving here in Ocean City, New Jersey.

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