The Free Market Doesn’t Care If You Live or Die
Paul Constant

Great and totally on point. I try to discuss first with people that what Capitalism in a free mark will do is give a fee a lot more money and give most people a. Lot Les.. Even before I put my own take or spin or impose my own morals. I ‘m don’t even want to tell you that it’s necessarily bad or wrong ( although I DO believe that to be so — if totally unregulated). But, I do believe it is essential to understand the facts and systems that some people so hardly defend blindly. If, after truly understanding how things work — you still believe in or defend them — fine. At least you are making your case from a foundation of facts. The problem with discourse today, is that the facts are ignored, or are interchangible with beliefs and or feelings, and the market place of ideas is not Operating in a reality based playing field.

Nice Article.

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