Thank you so much for this amazingly detailed and thoughtful post!
Ryan Berg

Interesting- I was very much for Hilary until I looked at all the positions for all candidates in all parties compared to mine. I’m very far apart from Cruz and. trump — in agreement on a mere 23% of all issues. It turns out I’m inline with Hilary’s position on 85% of issues and as it turns out- on 97% of the issues with Bernie. I was a bit shocked. Have not made up my mind- but the biggest part that is impacting me is the issue of money in politics. The fact that big donors and the machine of raising money for the party ( of which I was very active including working the DNC for Bill Clinton) is EXACTLY the problem in politics today. The very virtue being presented ( raising tons of money for other candidate) is exactly the problem that needs to change. And the inability of passing legislation when you are not a favored party member in Congress is also a major problem in the system as it exists. The battle for change has always been fought by outsiders on a long course- the status quo members always want it to change. I still have hope that Hilary will come to the left. But, since she started as a Republican working for Barry Goldwater, that she came just right of center is probably the best we can hope for. If she is the nominee- I will vote for her, but it would be sad that actual progressive movement would be delayed 4–8 more years where the powers that be remain so…. Still have till June to figure out my vote, so I’ll keep looking at all the factors and hope we are not just running in circles in America.

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