News Wishlist #1

When I read online and offline publications covering startups and technology, several tangents spring up, and I obsess over these questions from time to time.

So, to rid myself of these sleepless nights, I am throwing open some of the questions to the world, in the hope that someone would be able to answer/ address them.

That, in a nutshell, is the story behind this news wish list. Stories I wish I got to read from mainstream/non-mainstream media. This, by no means, seeks to invalidate or question all the hard work reporters do. These, at best, can be called the wandering questions of a curious mind. So here goes:

News Wishlist #1

  1. A side story to this New Yorker profile of Sam Altman authored by Sam Altman: How long was the reporter with him? What moments were told to be taken off from the profile? What points of the profile, did he (Altman) negotiate with the reporter on? How did the reporter gel with the family members? What did the family think of him after the reporter left?
  2. A story from the seller’s view point on what transpired during the run-up to the Big Billion Days. When did they first hear from the companies? What were the demands? How were they asked to prepare? What problems did they run into? Which among the many companies treated them the best? Would they want to do it again?
  3. The inside story of why Amazon Prime launched in India during the time that it did. Was the expiry of the trial period intended to coincide with the mega online sale? If it was, then Amazon just played a masterstroke by making a bunch of newbie consumers its longterm buyers.
  4. After a disastrous launch of Android One handsets in India, what is Google doing to ensure that Pixel does not suffer the same fate? To be sure, Android One was a software product meant to piggyback on the distribution network of multiple local handset makers and Pixel is a high-end Google-only product. But the Indian market is a beast that few can tame. What are the problems it is apprehensive about? What is it doing Google doing to ensure it doesn’t get bitten again?

These were what I could recall for now. Many others, I’ve managed to forget in pursuit of a sound sleep. There will be many more news lists to come for sure.

PS: If you already have answers to the above questions, do DM me on @bk_krithika.