SOH : Oh so good.

In the last week of January, we discovered slice of heaven, which I firmly believe is better than the heavens that several religions promise us.

This slice of heaven (let’s just call it SOH for now), had a house with the view of a river. SOH was amidst dense coconut groves. SOH also had five islands pop up in your view, when you sat in the airy living room. The best part: getting to SOH was a piece of cake.

Oh SOH, if you were a food, I’d eat you and forever keep you inside my tummy.

I won’t tell you where it is just yet. But do let your eyes devour it all.

A view of SOH from the veranda
So much like Kerala, but so different from it.
The one time “Look at ’em coconuts” was meant to be taken in the literal sense.

A few kilometers away from our SOH, was another mega SOH. At this point, the river smoothly joined hands with the sea, making the calm waters go all googly-googly wush. And, this was at the absolute tip of India.

This is how water bodies get all physical once they come into contact. Not very different from human relationships,methinks: Sea- Just met my river yo! River: Hush hush.. Keep flowing, don’t get all wavy and jumpy on me now.

So, what is this place?

Guess maro? Left to Right: Arpitha, Krithika

The place :

*drum roll*

This is an island village hidden in plain view, a few bus stops away from the main city of Udupi (a district in Karnataka state in South India). The SOH is Mavina Kudru in Uppoor, to be more specific. The name Mavina Kudru comes from two Kannada words: Mavu means mangoes. Mavina kudru means an island of mangoes or place where mangoes are produced and exported.

And the confluence? That was here :

Pretty rad, no? :)

There are a ton of places to visit in and around this coastal area, with an option to take surfing classes. Along with a bunch of temples and offbeat touristy spots like a hanging bridge, this getway merits at least 3–4 days. Plus, the local south Canara food is mouthwateringly exquisite.

The best part, this place is light on your wallet, and heavy on happiness quotient.

Anyway, SOH is listed on Airbnb.

If and when you do go there, promise to keep the place clean ok? Nothing is sadder than your SOH being transformed to a smelly dump.

Peace out.