More than a Mantra

I believe deeply in the power of collaboration. The potential of a single designer’s idea is exponentially greater when combined with that of fellow thoughtful colleagues.

That tight bond of design trust is not easily found and should be protected vigorously.

It took years to build a solid design team of co-collaborators and it takes constant effort to preserve its equilibrium. Personalities, talents, skills, aspirations, ambitions, experiences, moods, workload, schedule, etc. all serve as potential pitfalls. It takes caring about each other on both a professional and a personal level as well as an extended amount of time working together to forge the necessary bonds required.

The idea is that every project belongs to all of us, regardless of authorship. Which is true because we all must work together in order to satisfy each of the deadlines. One single project deadline is therefore dependent upon each of the other projects being completed by others. In addition, the solutions discovered by one project will always inform the answers sought by another. It is a dynamic symbiotic series of project relationships.

But it is like a symphony when true teamwork is achieved and maintained with each team member playing his or her role beautifully, selflessly, & heroically.

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