The Presidential Primary System Makes Absolutely No Sense at All

I was saving this concept for the day of the California Primary Election, but today my favorite blogger, Seth Godin, suggested a radical web-based alternative to the current system (voting via Facebook, in fact) and so I decided to jump into the topic today, too.

How can we call our nation a democracy when the two Presidential candidates are chosen weeks — and even months — before the most populous state in the union, California, has a chance to vote for them? The population of the county I live in, Orange County, CA with a population of 3,145,515 according to the 2014 Census Data, is larger than the entire state of Iowa (with a population of 3,107,126 according to the 2014 Census Data); yet the caucus vote of Iowa sets the course for the choice of the candidates. It is conceivable that only the main candidates for each party will have not conceded their campaigns by the date of the California Primary Election.

And Orange County is only the 3rd most populous county in California! There are over 38 million Californians whose vote in the Primaries literally does not matter. How do we “rock the vote” when the vote has already been decided elsewhere?

Seth Godin’s idea is provocative and daring, but I honestly think the US Presidential Primary System could be much simpler.

Let’s all vote on the same day, just like the General Election.

Yes, I know some states (like Iowa) have mandates in their state constitutions to vote first [how is that even allowed, by the way?], so let’s vote within the same week.

No disrespect to Iowans (or people from New Hampshire, or other early Primary states)— I know several and I like them all a lot, but this process of stretching out the primaries is just ludicrous. Let’s make it possible for all Americans to have a choice in their Presidential choices for a change.