small town Famous…who am I really?

This week I had a crazy realization……. or maybe I realized I was crazy. Luckily I have days where something in the past stands out SO much that I can see that I’ve changed, and I’m thankful.

FIRST OFF let me say that I get that most people will not relate to this. This is my life as I’m stumbling through the fog up the mountain.

In high school I ACTUALLY thought I had to be the person that people thought I was. There was, and still is, a perception of who I was from many people in this small town. I always tried to be what I thought cool was. One day in senior year I remember sitting in class while a kid said something about a hat or shirt I had on. A “friend” of mine immediately started filling him in about who I was and why it’s okay that I wore that. I now see how wrong it is for ANYONE to try to fit in by being ANYTHING other than who you really are. My life crashed and burned through my 20’s mainly because “I” was built on something false.

Only a few years ago another “friend” and I were meeting up with some guys to hang out on New Years Eve.

He introduced me to this person I’d never met before by saying
“This is Blake, his family has a lot of land”…

SMH. SERIOUSLY!? That’s how you think of me after 15 years?

I am trying to not look back on those times anymore than I have to. Unfortunately there are too many of them to list. I used to feel constantly watched and judged in my hometown and only free away from everyone. Now I’m free as just being me. Today things are growing from a true version of “ME”.

My life is about being creative, fixing computers, and mountain biking.

I wonder who I’d be if I started being myself way back then.

You can find me here

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