What DSLR?

Loving the Phantom

After 2 flights where I was mad the battery was dead it’s official. I love to fly and make pictures. The videos are awesome too btw. I never should of waited but I’m glad I bought the Phantom 4 Pro. It’s easy enough for me to start with and has a really nice picture quality. High res here. The 4K video is very respectable, especially in d-log. The flight controls were almost intuitive considering my history with flight simulator games.

If you are even thinking about trying it…. stop thinking about it. It’s way more fun than you think. My creativity now is expanded beyond the earth’s surface. I can’t wait to go more places and tell more stories.

Is the quality that good? Yep. This isn’t really a toy, unless you want it to be. The photos are about 24mb each with a surprising amount of detail. The 4K video is 100mb/s so yea, its quality. I just hope I can stay busy enough to afford an Inspire 2 soon.

Oh yea…the battery life. Going on quadcopters from the past Id say its good. As a person new to this Id say its short. I think my will to fly is just longer than the battery. If you even think you will enjoy flying get at least 1 extra battery.

If there’s any question if you can use it from day 1 take a look at this shot. It’s my 3rd picture with the phantom.

Go ahead. Jump in with both feet (don’t forget your 107) and drown yourself in this. It’s 10 pm and I’m now wishing I could go out and fly……

For now you can check out the options HERE

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