First thing I want #YPIPO to understand when a Black person says they have been discriminated against, from a Black man’s perspective: We expect and have internalized the experiences of isolation and cognitive dissonance.

There’s absolutely no social cache or benefit we expect after saying someone has discriminated against us. None.

We don’t walk down the street and trip over a racist, then fall on racism by accident; like a bed post that nearly takes off your pinky toe.

People discriminate, so the idea that there’s a “race card”, as if it’s some sort of wild card that trumps all the ones on the fucking table, is asinine and must be completely removed from your understanding of how racism works.

Isolation by Robert Ullmann

We experience isolation, especially if it’s in the workplace (especially if you work in a mostly #YT environment; take Silicon Valley or television and film in Los Angeles, for instance), and therefore depression. The real. Deep. And self or socially harming type of depression.

When we say we’ve been discriminated against, we know you won’t feel any more comfortable around us. We know you will keep it short and brief. We know you will make excuses for how shit went down, and how you will find a reason to invalidate our experiences, as if we’re not living in our fucking bodies, have eyes, a mouth, ears, hell even senses or intuition, therefore less than human.

Do you understand the debt and burden of saying how you may or have been discriminated against?

Do you know nothing will remove you faster from society than to admit that someone has crossed the (racist) line?

We expect to be (further) isolated and it’s the LAST thing we ever want to admit happens to us. Think it gives us some sort of privilege if you want to. But you’re definitely a dummy if you can’t fathom how it further isolates us from both PoC and especially #YPIPO who think that associating with us somehow implicates or tarnishes their rep.

We expect both PoC and #YPIPO to distance themselves from our experiences, emotionally, physically, hell, even empathetically. We expect to have to defend our POV. We admit we’re sorry to things we didn’t do. We expect we won’t be believed and know that we may have risked a relationship, or even employment depending on the circumstance.

(There’s more to follow. Note: You might wanna either save your timeline by un-friending me (preferred vs. being unfollowed), or get those notifications popping for some woke. I’m investing in letting my ally folk understand the value in these disclosures of both micro aggressive and explicit forms of aggressive violence so they can better head off this type of behavior from their peers. So to better educate those on the wrong side of history; those who fear Blackness, and can’t see a world where all people can live safely together for another’s benefit.)