UMedics & Black Lives Matter Chicago are sending our deepest love, greatest light, and sincerest condolences to our comrades in Charlottesville, Virginia and their families. Whatever support and solidarity we can offer would be our honor, privilege, and duty.

The white supremacist, “Unite the Right,” march which took place Friday, August 11th in Charlottesville, VA, followed by the murder and maiming of protesters on Saturday, August 12th by white supremacists, unmask the violence promised by the growing neo-fascist movement in the United States. This movement has been coddled and nurtured by the existing Trump administration using coded language and dog whistle sharing of white supremacist imagery, slogans and catch phrases. The violence of the past few days are the direct consequences of the nurturing of neo-fascism by the current administration, the Republican Party as well as liberal bourgeois entities that have failed to take serious the increase in violence attacks on Muslims, LGBTQIA communities, Black people, Native Americans and immigrants and attempt to sanitize the threat of a growing US neo-fascist movement by hiding behind arguments around free speech. This is dangerous, false and works in practice to divert attention away from the violence and death that fascism promises and produces.

Violence is the ready tool of our oppressors. While we build, heal, struggle, and imagine concepts of liberation — they in turn train and ready themselves for violence and criminal acts of war. This violence is a result of mass movements that have nationalized the fight against anti-Blackness, police violence and terror, indigenous sovereignty, immigrant rights, economic justice for the 99% and LGBTQIA liberation. This violence is a response to protests against inequality that each of these movements have exposed. It is our duty to remain steadfast in support of each of these communities in understanding that this violence seeks to terrorize us all. We remain resolute in our commitment to total liberation which necessitates that Black liberation includes indigenous liberation, includes trans liberation, includes working class liberation, includes all struggles against the behemoth of white supremacist capitalism of which the United States was founded on.

Those in power and the misguided, morally impoverished white supremacists who are deluded in believing that they have more in common with their skin folk in power rather than the majority poor of the world, have dedicated their lives to implementing the terror that is white supremacy. We must hold dear the lessons that history has taught us as if our very lives depend on it, because in fact, our very lives depend on it.


Assata famously wrote, “it is our duty to love and protect each other,” we must learn to live these words. We must live and move in a way that speaks to community safety, self-preservation and the very real and constant threat to our bodies. We must live in a way that is thoughtful, planned, disciplined, and strategic.

We demand safety and justice, we fight, and we will win! We need to keep as many lives intact and free from incarceration and lifelong trauma as we can. We need to strategize. We need to be logical and tactical. We need to understand the enemy, the weaponry and the systemic support that are given to them. We must then act accordingly in building our people, our movement and building our power.

To our comrades across the nation and across the world, we encourage people to think carefully about watching the video of the car plowing and the news continuously. Our brains tend to process those experiences as trauma, especially those struggling with primary and secondary trauma. In this moment, we need our strength and energy at full capacity.

We recommend that you take breaks from the news and limit video watching and sharing. We also encourage you to review our protesting guidelines to prepare to keep yourself and others safe: Know Your Rights When Protesting


Many organizations are planning to hold solidarity rallies and actions in their own cities. We ask that people be tactical and strategic. We suggest heavy risk assessment to consider risks to the physical safety of those attending, the likelihood of increased police targeting, arrest and the emotional and physical safety of the collective and individuals.

We caution against reactionary movement risking more harm.

We encourage plans for safety, appropriate equipment, consideration and plans for police targeting, arrests and harm. We encourage increased check-ins and increased and stricter safety protocols. We encourage building safe spaces for people to think, grieve, process, dialogue and analyze conditions collectively.

Individuals and organizations considering going to Charlottesville, we hope you fully consider your capacity, and that of your family. We hope you ask yourselves questions like: If you are physically harmed do you have people with first aid skills, who will contact your family, if police break into your phone do you become a risk to your family and friends? If you choose to go, we hope that you go with tools, skills, supplies, and/or tactical equipment. Consider foremost the best possible way to support. Fundraising, supply gathering, digitally amplifying voices from on the ground could be our best moves currently.

Our emotions, passions, and desires to act swiftly and severely are running high. Let us be gentle with each other. Let us remember there are many roads to freedom. There is no true one right way. Let us consider calling out behavior when necessary, but prioritizing calling in the people of our beloved community. To argue with respect and love and to consider doing so more in person or at least by phone and much less on social media.

We want to be clear: we’re telling no one, no org, how to demand justice, or how not to. We are saying, we love you, and we need you as safe and free from harm as you can possible be. The violence, terror and murder of the last few days reveal the need for us to be much more disciplined, prepared and organized than ever before.

The right-wing is organized, financed and holds state power. We must be better organized, better prepared for multiple contingencies and disciplined in carrying out the fights necessary to defend ourselves and our communities while preparing to build a world where white supremacist terrorism is a relic of the past.

It is Our Duty to fight for our freedom.

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