Chairman and Congressman Robert Brady is failing PA’s 1st Congressional

Congressman Robert Brady sits at the helm of one of the last Democratic Party machines in the country. This “machine” controls and manipulates voter turnout and doles out the street cash on election day. The machine also determines what candidates the Democrat Party fields in Philadelphia County and who/how/when they run against their opponent. It’s all one big chess match.

But for all intended purposes, we can stop calling it a ‘machine’. It’s lost it’s operational efficiency that it once had and let’s call the Philadelphia Democratic City Committee what it is, an Organized Crime Family.

In a press release last month issued by the Philadelphia Young Republicans, I was quoted as saying:

“As a Millennial in Philly, I am disgusted by the gross misconduct and utter disregard to public service by legacy Democrats in this city. Time and time again, the old guard Democrats have shown that their own personal interests are far more important than doing what they were elected to do.” Said Bryan Leib, Treasurer of the Philadelphia Young Republicans.

Robert Brady is the Chairman of the Philadelphia Democract City Committee, in addition to serving as a long term Member in the U.S. House of Representatives. Under his ‘leadership’ as the Chairman of the local party, there have been countless state representatives, judges, ward leaders, a District Attorney and let’s not forget about Brady’s former long time colleague, the disgraced and former Congressman Chaka Fattah — all convicted on federal charges ranging from racketeering, bribery, money laundering and corruption.

Brady threw the party’s support behind Fattah and even endorsed him for another term in Congress after Fattah’s son was sent to jail and Fattah himself was fighting a trial of his life for corruption, wire fraud, bribery and racketeering. (Fattah maintained throughout the process that we would be vindicated and did nothing wrong).

Why did Brady support Fattah? Maybe it was a long friendship. I get that. I can respect that. I am a man of principle and I stand by my friends no matter what. But honestly, if I had a friend like Fattah, I wouldn’t stand by him and I sure as hell wouldn’t support his next play. Which in this case was re-election. But it probably wasn’t because of friendship. It was probably because if Brady turned on Fattah, Fattah would have turned on him and brought the whole empire down in front of a Federal Grand Jury. So Brady kept things moving and even after Fattah was convicted, didn’t say a single word to condemn his actions.

What kind of message is Congressman Robert Brady sending to the future of Philadelphia by endorsing corruption? Furthermore, what kind of message is Brady sending to his constituents in PA’s 1st Congressional district that ranks one of the poorest in the country?

Ask yourself this — have places like Chester, PA and sections of Philadelphia like Kensington, Southwest Philadelphia and North Philadelphia changed for the better over he last two decades or have they gotten worse? Has the poverty level decreased? Are there more Philadelphians with good paying jobs? The answer is things have gotten worse, poverty level has actually increased and more Philadelphians are still struggling every month to put food on the tables.

I think Brady has lost touch with his those in his district. Look at the City Committee’s website — probably hasn’t been updated in a decade! Ladies and gentleman, that is called complacency.

My name is Bryan Leib. I’m a Jewish Republican who lives in PA’s 1st Congressional District. I’m passionate about Philadelphia. I’m passionate about helping people and creating a brighter future for PA’s 1st Congressional. I’m a vocal leader, hard worker, trustworthy and very good at connecting people to opportunities. Imagine if I had the resources of the Federal government behind me…

PA’s 1st Congressional deserves someone who hasn’t lost touch with the constituents and new blood to take our District into a new frontier. PA’s 1st Congressional deserves someone who will fight harder and longer in D.C to bring more federal dollars back to our district to battle the opioid crisis, to clean up our streets and to create more good paying jobs.