Pornhub sent Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly the most disrespectful letter ever

Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly has been trying to slide into Mia Khalifa’s DMs for months now and she keeps putting him on blast. Lets quickly recap Kelly’s failed attempts to hit on/have intercourse with the ex-porn star.

Before Ole Miss blew it against Florida State, Kelly reached out to the Khalifa, a known lusty Seminoles fan, with this DM.

Khalifa, rightfully so, ripped Kelly a new asshole after her Noles beat Kelly’s Rebels. Kelly later deleted his Twitter, but he wasn’t done. Month’s later, and I mean A SINGLE MONTH LATER, he would reactivate his Twitter and try and slide right back into the DMs…see below.


Excuse my french but, is this dude F***ing serious?????? Hours before blowing another game, he is still worried about trying to get with Mia Khalifa? She doesn’t even do porn anymore man! There are hundreds of other social media models you could be failing to get with. Why go back to the one who already tore you apart on an international social media website? Or why not just be a normal college football player and take advantage of that fact that EVERY GIRL AT OLE MISS PROBABLY WILL SLEEP WITH YOU??

This is more mind-numbing that Kelly’s ability to hold onto the ball too long. Yet, something glorious came from these failed attempts. International adult film empire Pornhub reached out to Kelly to offer him their condolences and make an offer too good to refuse. Take a look at this letter from Pornhub:


What a savage letter! They not only take a personal shot at state of Kelly’s football team, but they offer him a chance to practice how to talk to women with another porn star. That’s pure gold and I think Pornhub and myself feel the same way about Kelly.

I am sure there are many reasons beyond even my comprehension as to why the Chad needs to DM Mia Khalifa more than once during a football season. Between his failures with the lovely Ms. Khalifa and the overwhelming neglect he is showing to the fine ladies of Oxford, and trust me they are fine, Kelly needs to get his game together both on and off the field.