Championship actually could like happen in reality!

Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers

Hanging out, getting some buckets yknow, looking more to the future but today also counts as well now cmon baby

Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets

I’m Scared! Don’t know which way to go with these guys!

Indiana Pacers

I’ve missed basketball so much. Usually I’d do some big soliloquy to open up this column and tell a fun little story about something but who cares. Let’s get to what we’re cooking with, and that’s you, The Reader, being mad at me, The Man With Internet Access, for my…


  1. Giannis Antetokounmpo
  2. James Harden
  3. Nikola Jokic
  4. Paul George
  5. Steph Curry

I don’t believe there’s a wrong choice here among the top two candidates. It’s extremely subjective depending on what criteria you value most. Giannis is the best player on the best team, putting up efficient counting stats and being…

I’m sure the “associated press” or whatever think their awards mean more and are actually conclusive of an NBA season, but I think their journalistic content is more about the first syllable of their name if yknow what I mean (note: if any AP certified reporter is reading this I…

The brutality and finality of defeat makes greater men than any victory ever has

The Cleveland Cavaliers should probably be up 1–0 in the NBA Finals right now. They’re not. The Golden State Warriors should probably be looking at a deficit after dropping a game at home in which they…

Pretty freaking great idea huh. This premise doesn’t need a lot more introduction than the sentence that you just read. As it stands right now, the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors have distanced themselves from the pack, and Portland has almost secured the three seed to themselves as well…


1 Can’t Tell Me Nothing vs 2 Through The Wire

We’ve avoided it long enough and it’s finally time to put money where my mouth is. We need to sit down and have a real, grown-up conversation about Through the Wire. Song wise it’s still fantastic and lyrically it’s phenomenal…


1 Can’t Tell Me Nothing vs 9 Never Let Me Down

I circled this matchup initially to be one of contention and debate, but the more and more I think about and reread and relisten to Can’t Tell Me Nothing I’m ashamed of my past opinions. It’s much more than…


Our country’s fascination with brackets for three weeks out of the year is one of our best national quirks, like not having the tax included on the price tag or firing National Security Advisors every six weeks like they’re grocery store clerks. Once the NCAA Tournament bracket comes out the…

King T’Challa reigns supreme

This is intended to be a loose review of the film, but moreso on the conversation surrounding Black Panther and its cultural relevance. As such, this is a spoiler heavy zone, so if you haven’t seen the movie yet (and seriously who hasn’t, it’s raised more money than many countries’…

Blake Lyman

What are words but like sounds we use to do things or whatever yknow what I’m saying

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