An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Things that Talia Jane can afford to eat other than white rice based on her recent tweets:

  1. An assortment of cupcakes that Talia Jane baked. Chocolate with cherry and pineapple on top. Key lime with lime slice on top. What looks to be maple bacon. Based on the cooking photo from these cupcakes she can also afford a microwave, Brita pitcher, oil, bag of flour, several mixing bowls and measuring cups, bulk pack of butter, electric mixer, etc. I don’t know if you’ve ever baked from scratch but I have and those ingredients add up FAST.
  2. Some sort of super cheesy creation. Maybe a chili? Who knows because the caption is “HOO BOY” but sure isn’t white rice.
  3. Cat food! Talia Jane also has a pet cat which means she can afford at least cat litter and cat food.
  4. Another homemade baked good — A “perfectly moist, flavorful, and light” cake.
  5. Diet coke, tortillas, and Burbon.
  6. More Burbon.
  7. Someplace “near a live fryer right next to an open flame…” So some sort of restaurant.
  8. Two white ceramic dishes of cheesy delight.
  9. Meatballs topped with brie cheese! One small wedge of brie cheese is more than $1o, but Talia Jane can’t afford her $6 train ticket to work.
  10. This isn’t a food but face masks! When living in poverty it’s always important to maintain smooth skin.
  11. A stuffed omlet.
  12. A restaurant where Talia Jane ate “amazing panckaes” turns out they were Krusteaz Light & Fluffy Buttermilk Complete Pancake Mix.
  13. A chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing.
  14. Miller Lite.
  15. Chick-fil-A (And apparently a gym membership.)
  16. A subscription to Netflix. Which isn’t food but Talia Jane fell asleep watching Netflix with a chocolate bar in her pocket that melted.
  17. Smothered gravy fries and sliders
  18. Tito’s Vodka
  19. Cup O’ Coffee… face mask!

Here is a girl begging for help while living beyond her means, not being served some sort of minimum wage injustice. When you’re poor, you don’t eat out, have trendy clothes, scarfs, and sunglasses, pay for gym and Netflix subscriptions, take on the financial responsibilities of a pet, rent an apartment that is over $1200 a month, or go out with friends.

You work hard, you make sacrifices, you move somewhere that you can live within your means. Do not cry out for help because of the circumstances you’ve created for yourself. Do not trash an employer that gave you an opportunity, a job that you accepted knowing full well what the pay would be.

I get it, adulting is hard. I’m only 2 years older than you. I was jobless after college, moved in with my mom, lived off of credit cards, sold some of my favorite possessions, downgraded my phone plan, didn’t have a car, turned down invitations to go out with friends. It was hard. I spent every day perfecting my resume and applying to dream jobs then filling out applications at CVS, Wawa, Daycares, Hotels, and Target. I landed one of the later.

I worked as many hours as my employer would give me. I still lived at home. Every pay check would go towards paying off the massive amount of credit card debt I had just created for myself. I didn’t go wild and immediately move out. I lived within my means. I continued to work hard and got another job offer, another job a teenager could do. I took it and worked both. Still living at home, not shopping, and starting a savings.

Now I have my dream job. A $1200 apartment I can comfortably afford while filling my 2015 SUV with gas, buying treats for my cat, and even sometimes going out with friends. I worked hard at the opportunites I was given and never gave up on perfecting my resume. My dream job was the result of my hard work and persistence.

I hope that my story can be encouraging to you to not start a GoFundMe but instead rely on yourself. Create the life for yourself that you want. Turn your frustrations into passion. Be a role model for young women to be independent and create lives for themselves. And most importantly, I hope you find happiness.

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