It’s said that Carl Theodor Dreyer was not entirely content with the orchestral score performed at the 1928 Paris opening of his seminal silent film, The Passion of Joan of Arc. Nor was he satisfied with the one matched to the 1933 cut, which set his heart-rending account of the peasant-turned-military-leader’s fatal heresy trial to music by Bach and Vivaldi. …

Danny Glover as the magnetic and menacing Harry Mention (TO SLEEP WITH ANGER, 1990)

Upon its 1990 release, critic Dave Kehr praised Charles Burnett’s To Sleep with Anger as “a film of tremendous vitality, sensitivity, insight, and, ultimately, mystery…It is impossible to leave this film without a sense of uplift; it glows.” Towing the line between domestic thriller, urban gothic, and metaphysical drama, the film weaves together modernity and tradition, realism and myth, the sinister and the sublime into a singular cinematic vision.

It arrived during a boom period for African American film, as major Hollywood studios, impressed by the breakthrough success of Spike Lee, showed new willingness to produce and distribute projects helmed…

Things might look a little prettier, but there is no change in how you use our site.

We’ve made some changes to our website and emails. The most important thing is that they are much, much better! We want to make your online experience the best it can possibly be.

The way you log into your account, purchase tickets, join or renew your membership, store a payment method, and access your digital movie tickets will remain exactly the same.

Things might look a little prettier, but there is no change in how you use our site.

Here are some things you’ll notice now.

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  • A “SIGN IN” link is available at the top of each page so that you can easily access your account at any time. On your desktop computer, the link is in the top left corner. …


Bryn Mawr Film Institute is excited to present Sergei Bondarchuk’s adaptation of War and Peace on Saturday, August 10, at 12:00 pm. This is an epic film with an epic run time, so you may be wondering what to expect. We hope to answer your questions below!

Q: Will there be any intermissions?

A: There will be four breaks over the course of the screening (including an hour-long break for dinner), so you’ll have a chance to stretch your legs, take a walk, and get a bite to eat!

Q: Should I bring food?

A: Though we don’t normally allow…


“A puppet is not a miniature human. He has his own world.”
- Jiří Trnka

What does Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer have in common with The Terminator? Strange relations they may be, but each employs the filmmaking technique known as stop-motion. The process has been around since cinema’s early days, and has had many applications, appearing in works ranging from the famous 1902 silent short “A Trip to the Moon” to Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs. It’s also the medium for the spectacular 2018 film This Magnificent Cake!,


Before she steps onto the floor, gymnast Margarita Mamun slaps her elbows several times with an open palm, takes three sharp breaths, and utters what is either a prayer or a plea: “God help me!”

This routine will be performed with a hoop. Out on the mat, she leaps, pirouettes, and poses, spinning the hoop around her body and tossing it into the air. At one moment, she fluidly flips backwards, pausing mid-spin with one foot planted on the ground and the other held straight in the air, twirling the hoop around her ankle. Her grace is astonishing. The crowd…


How many screens have you looked at in the last hour? How many times did you touch a touchpad? So far today, how frequently did you engage machine intelligence? Did you consult Siri? Alexa? Did you use a GPS? Did you heed the recommendations of the Netflix algorithm? Or, for that matter, a dating app? Perhaps you remember the pre-digital era. Did you ever imagine that technology would become such a casual presence, yet so crucial to our hour-to-hour experience? Certainly, the world has changed since the dawn of the computer age. Have we — as a society, a species…

Never argue about which movie to watch again! This spring, BMFI presents MiniCine, a 21st century viewing experience for modern audiences. We provide the theater, you provide the film — on your phone! Sit next to family, friends, and strangers, all while watching different movies on your own 5” device. The lights in the theater will be on full brightness so audiences can move around freely, easily find items in their bags and pockets, and converse during the boring parts. There’s no need to bring headphones. Sounds from dozens of the tiniest speakers in existence will come together, forming a…


Bryn Mawr Film Institute is excited to welcome actress Alva Rogers, who will join us at our January 17 screening of Daughters of the Dust for an in-theater conversation with Dr. Amy Corbin of Muhlenberg University before the film.

In April 2016, Beyoncé unveiled the “visual album” Lemonade, a song cycle intimately chronicling her troubled relationship, released in tandem with a sixty-five minute music video. The project’s commercial success was matched by a torrent of critical appreciation, inspiring think pieces, college courses, museum programs, and more. Lemonade was lauded not just for its craft, but the scope and audacity of…

NEAR DARK (1987)

The vampire endures. The first great vampire of the screen was Max Schreck’s horrifying Count Orlok in F.W. Murnau’s silent classic Nosferatu (1922). A few years later, Bela Lugosi’s turn in Tod Browning’s Dracula (1931) established the archetype of the cinema vampire, swapping Orlok’s repulsiveness for a seductive, gothic grandeur.

In the time since, the vampire has proved an extremely durable figure, retaining its prominence in the pantheon of movie monsters. It’s also proved highly adaptable to different eras and idioms. …

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