10 Serious Questions For Hillary Clinton Supporters

Hey Hillary Clinton supporters, sit down; we need to chat. Your righteous indignation is showing and you need to cover up. You have called Clinton detractors sexist; have excused all her faults, and have developed the need to classify Trump supporters as racists, bigots, and every other dirty word you find on Tumblr. You have forgotten the positions she has held in the past, and have given her a pass for her obvious misdeeds in Libya and beyond, because having a woman; any woman president is more important than anything else right? Now; answer me these questions and explain how Clinton is worthy of your trust, and should be inaugurated as president come January.

  1. How healthy is she?

When questions began to be asked about her health, after she appeared to pass out and needed assistance to enter her van at a 9/11 memorial event, Clinton’s doctor told America she had heat exhaustion. As we all know by now, after concerns about her health were raised, the diagnosis changed to pneumonia. Clinton later said the reasoning behind her dishonesty was her desire to keep the information private as it was unimportant to the American public, and how she didn’t want the diagnosis to be used against her by political opponents. The episode in New York came after weeks where Clinton lost her train of thought, and had coughing fits. Of course the conspiracy theories regarding her health are a bit crazy, but why didn’t she admit to pneumonia from the get go? If she wins the presidency, she will be the Commander In Chief for at least four years. That job is the most important position in America, and voters need to have confidence Clinton will be able to perform the duties of president. Saying she had pneumonia before the conspiracies started to fly would have made her health a non issue, but now it is because she hid the diagnosis for far too long. In case her dishonesty proves deadly and she passes away during her first term, are you all excited about a Tim Kaine presidency?

2. How confident are you she can actually get things done?

As noted during her Democratic primary battle, in her eight years as senator of New York, of the 713 pieces of legislation with her name on it, only three bills became law. I repeat; 710 bills Clinton sponsored in the Senate didn’t become law. As the Washington Examiner noted, the three bills that passed through both Houses, and were signed by President Bush were of no significance. Were Americans truly concerned about renaming a post office? Were Americans lining the streets and writing petitions to get a portion of a highway outside of Buffalo, New York named after Tim Russert? She entered office after her incredibly popular husband left the Whitehouse; she couldn’t have used her influence, and worked with people she knew to get something more significant done?

3. Can you trust her judgement?

During the first Presidential Debate, “moderator” Lester Scott peppered Donald Trump for his support of the Iraq War in an appearance on the Howard Stern Show, where his position of favor for the war was far from bombastic or adamant. When Trump voiced his support he was a private citizen with no position within the Bush administration or a seat in the Senate or House. His support had no significant bearing on what happened in Iraq; however, Clinton was in the Senate and voted in favor of a war the destabilized the region, invited the creation of ISIS, and killed millions of innocent Iraqi’s along with thousands of Americans. In her speech in support of the invasion she justified her vote in a speech that eerily sounded like something David Frum; then George W. Bush speechwriter wrote to justify military action. When JFK discovered the Soviets were storing missiles in Cuba, he could of invaded Cuba, and started a third world war, but he did something Clinton didn’t do in the case of Iraq, he showed conviction, bravery, and toughness by going against the case for war. Clinton supporters spread fear mongering about all the terrible decisions Trump will make, but since the war in Iraq was such a failure, doesn’t a vote in support of it make you a part of a catastrophic blunder?

3. Do you have complete trust in someone who makes, “careless,” “mistakes?”

If you were to think of some words you would not want used to describe a presidential nominee, “careless,” would be on that list, especially when it comes to issues regarding national security. And isn’t it a bit concerning when an FBI director, nominated by a Democrat uses such a word? In his press conference F.B.I Director James Comey told America transporting and storing classified information on private servers is illegal whether the crime is committed intentionally or not; as doing so exposes the classified to hackers who can use that information to attack America. In the first debate Clinton called it a mistake; an error that lasted months, and used multiple servers to store hundreds of emails that were classified. She even suggested she didn’t know emails with the letter C included in the chains meant classified. In a world where cyber security is an ever increasing issue of severity, can you trust Clinton to protect sensitive material that could include plans on military invasions, or the identities of covert agents?

4. How privileged is she?

The left loves to talk about privilege, and uses that term in a derogatory way to dismiss people with certain opinions. They also use that word while debating gross examples of injustice like an African American being tossed in jail for 20 years for possessing two joints, while a random white kid gets a fine. Clinton is that hypothetical white kid. Can you honestly argue in a case where a recent Harvard grad, who didn’t know it was against the law to store classified emails at home, would be investigated by the FBI and get the same result as Clinton? Clinton is also worth an estimated $45 million, and has multiple million dollar homes, while trying to convince middle class Americans she will fight for them. When history shows she cases checks from big banks, and massive corporations that have helped increase income inequality, can’t you classify her as privileged?

5. How good of a feminist is she?

“If you’re a woman, you should vote for Hillary Clinton for president,” wrote Giana Pacinelli in The Huffington Post. A simple Google search will show numerous stories and blogs from feminists whose sole reason for their planned vote for Clinton is based on her gender, which is reasonable on one hand, but completely foolish on the other. She is the first female presidential candidate of any major political party in history, but you have to question her sincerity on women’s issues when she has taken money from, and done business with the leaders of countries who treat women worse than a steaming pile of shit you set afire on a doorstep. The Saudi regime which has sent between $10 million and $25 million to the Clinton Foundation; a charity that is lead by both Bill and Hillary Clinton, is one of, if not the greatest abusers of women. In Saudi Arabia women can’t dress the way they want to, can’t leave home without a male member of the family, and can’t walk through the same entrances as men. Women in that country have no equal rights, yet Clinton treats that regime with reverence. Can a woman who counts human rights abusers as friends and allies be considered a feminist?

6. Does she really believe Black Lives Matter?

During her primary battle against Bernie Sanders, Clinton faced hard criticism; rightfully so, for her support of the policies of her husband that further ripped apart African American communities. She wasn’t a stereotypical first lady; she never sat far behind her husband. Clinton fought for healthcare reform, and was involved in his presidency. She also served eight years in the Senate and didn’t address any major issue that harms African Americans. She supported the war on drugs, and only took issue with police brutality when she found it politically expedient. After her term as Senator she was silent on the issues facing many African Americans; just like how she stayed quiet as she prepared for her presidential run after she left the State Department. Her placidness for the African American community goes far beyond calling them, “super predators.” The Clinton crime bill, put more young African Americans in jails, and with the support of her husbands war with drugs, young African Americans were ripped from their family, and their communities. The impact of the bill has ramifications to this day. Is she a trusted friend of the Black Lives Matter movement?

7. How does she NOT represent everything that is wrong with Washington?

According to numbers from the Pew Research Center only 19% of Americans trust the government; and an unsurprising 74% of Americans believe elected officials put their own interests ahead of the interests of the voters. When polls are conducted on Clinton, Americans have a strong belief Clinton is a liar, or has something to hide. Furthermore; that distrust in politicians is rooted in a culture of lies that claim politicians care about the issues of every day Americans and promise to fix them, as they take money from massive corporations and big banks to ensure the rich stay rich. Clinton is well known to be one of those typical politicians to cash those checks. She has given speeches to Wall Street executives, and refuses to release the transcripts of the speeches. Her foundation takes millions from the wealthy in the sinister pay to play scheme almost every senator, congressman, and president takes part in, and when Clinton talks about raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy, you can’t find many people on Wall Street who believe her; considering she is considered a close friend. So how can you believe she will fix the system?

8. How is she a leader?

Hillary Clinton is not alone in standing back and waiting for social issues to make an impact. Every politician goes against social and political issues until they know not supporting those issues will cost them the election, but Clinton is one of the most egregious examples of that practice. In 2004, she spoke out against gay marriage to the Senate, and stuck to that opinion through her first campaign for president in 2008. Clinton has long been against cannabis legalization, and is only now starting to warm up to the idea, but knowing her, she will soon jump on that bandwagon, like she did when she was against illegal immigration; to then change her tune during this election season. In almost every single issue of importance to progressives, Hillary has lagged behind her base. In what way can you trust she will take the forefront in other pressing issues?

9. How is Gary Johnson to blame for, “stealing votes away,” from Clinton?

The fear mongering is at full force among Hillary supporters. I know; you’re scared, you are scared because your anointed one is not making America excited about another Clinton Whitehouse. You are writing blogs and telling all your friends not to vote for Gary Johnson. You say he is “stealing votes,” away from dear ol’ Hillary. Bullying Americans into voting for Clinton is now in fashion; Kerry Washington did it on Real Time, and was supported in the asinine belief by Bill Maher. The fact is, almost 60% of Americans have an unfavorable view of Clinton, due in large part to her flip flopping, dishonesty, and how she is in bed with the very people Americans believe have ruined the country. Trusting Clinton for many is as smart as letting Jared Fogle babysit your child. Millennials simply don’t like Clinton as is shown by the 18–24 demographic rallying behind Libertarian Gary Johnson by a 5% margin over Clinton. Americans are increasingly growing sick of the two party system, and Clinton is the perfect example of it. With her political history, and penchant for dishonesty, Clinton is the prototype of a candidate people simply can’t trust. How is that Johnson’s fault?

10. Is a #NeverTrump vote a sign of intelligence and integrity?

The president of the United States of America is the most important job in the world. You are talking about a person who will sign laws that will affect the every day lives of the populace. As you walk into the voting booth you have issues that hold vast importance, that could include the halting of military interventions, ending massive income inequality, and providing the same opportunity for all Americans. Maybe you were even a Sanders supporter. If that is the case, Clinton is everything you despise about a politician, and you’re supposed to sacrifice all of your ideals just to ensure Donald Trump doesn’t become president? The only wasted vote is one where you sacrifice the very principles you claim you hold just so you can be on the winning team. How can you look at yourself in the mirror; how can you honestly tell people you are against corporatism and vote for a candidate who history as shown, will govern for the rich while the poor scramble for scraps?


If Hillary Clinton does not capture the presidency, Walter Mondale will send her a thank you card for taking over his spot as the biggest loser the Democratic Party has ever nominated. In no way, shape, or form should a person with her credentials be in such a tight race against a bombastic, thinned skinned rich guy with no executive experience. Yet; here you are nervously preparing for election day, and making plans to move to Canada, because your precious nominee is such a pathetic candidate. If you answer those questions and still believe Hillary Clinton is the right, moral choice for president, you must be on some great drugs, because she is everything that is wrong about the way things work in Washington. She is the politician you claim to hate.