Brock Turner, Zeenat Rafiq, and Real Rape Culture

As America heard of Brock Turner being given a slap on the wrist for his brutal rape of an unconscious woman, the inevitable reared its ugly head, as American feminists used a brutal crime for political purposes to convince their fellow citizens that America is drenched rape culture.

In Raw Story, Larraine Brady took the time to get brownie points from third wave feminists to claim the Turner case is proof of a rape culture, because a few people close to him, who know Turner personally, came to his defense. Whenever a person commits a horrible crime, there are always people who express shock their friend, or family member committed a heinous crime. Although Dan Turner, and Leslie Rasmussen may have erroneously dismissed the seriousness of his act, and passed blame on stupid arguments about alcohol, their comments only prove that even the most despicable people have friends.

In Bustle, a website that hilariously argued Harry Potter embraces rape culture, has used Turner to write multiple stories to argue the existence of rape culture; which included Suzannah Weiss arguing, “ This focus on the perpetrator’s accomplishments rather than his crime furthers rape culture by guilting victims for speaking out,” in reference to The Washington Post story that mentioned Turner’s athletics. Weiss continued to assert that, “ Our society is strangely and disturbingly blind to the impact that rape has on the victims,” because it is obvious that a society that punishes rapists, and ruins the lives and careers of accused rapists like Bill Cosby is somehow blind to the fact that someone forcing sexual acts on a person without consent is somehow accepted and encouraged.

According to Women Against Violence Against Women, rape culture is defined as, “ a complex set of beliefs that encourage male sexual aggression and supports violence against women- In a rape culture both men and women assume that sexual violence is a fact of life, inevitable.” The website also included “examples” like the showcase of violent imagery in art, rape jokes, and a bevy of tasteless campaigns, and the prevalence of untested rape kits in police departments to show the existence of rape culture. Other groups have latched onto the idea violent imagery normalizes rape, while authors hold onto the well publicized idea that we condone, support, and encourage sexual assault.

Feminists throughout social media and regressive left websites have used images, narratives, and art to over analyze meaning, and find the subject of those images to play the victim card, and present an idea that we find rape hilarious or acceptable. Art has showcased acts of war, violence, rape, heartbreak, genocide to show the worst of the world, and to condemn the societal ills that plague our world. Slayer didn’t record War Ensemble to glorify war, they recorded the song to condemn it. We make jokes about our ailments, flaws, and the worst crimes in our world, not to condone or support the actions, but as a coping mechanism where we make sick jokes to bring humor out of horrible situations. When someone makes a rape joke, or makes light of a terror attack, they aren’t showing support for the crimes, they are decreasing the negative emotions of a tragic event, replacing the dark reality with positive emotions.

These perfectly explained, and reasonable scientific facts don’t appease third wave feminists who ignore science, and facts in order to drill the idea of a rape culture into the minds of the dissenters. They continually push the same absurd arguments, and use individual events to cast judgement on society as a whole who are supposedly partaking in a global conspiracy to treat women like human waste.

In a year old TED talk posted on You Tube, Brynne Thomas details personal experiences to push the same tired arguments noted about to convince her audience rape culture exists. Just one minute in, the hilarity went into overdrive when a Power Point presentation showed the definition of rape culture as, “the systemically rooted judgment towards rape victims and society’s acceptance of sexual assault.”

The word systemically is used by social justice conspiracy theorists who argue there is societal order to oppress and demean the “marginalized.” By having the definition placed on the screen, Thomas insinuated there is an intentional and widely adapted idea spread by society that blames every single rape victim for their rape. There is no doubt that assertion is so out of this world, NASA has no knowledge of its existence in the universe.

There has been inane talk that a woman’s dress invited rape, but we don’t disbelieve rape victims. We merely react to the common action from feminists that immediately label men rapists, and domestic abusers upon a mere allegation. Feminists aren’t practicing innocent before proven guilty, when an alleged rape takes place. In many cases where it has been shown a rape didn’t occur, scores of people condemn the accused and label them rapists; ruining their lives.

When a real rapes are revealed we condemn the rapists, and place a mountain of judgment on their laps. We charge, prosecute, and jail rapists in this side of the world. Although more rapes obviously need to be prosecuted, and judges like Aaron Persky should actually punish rapists like Turner , no one in the Western world accepts rape. Upon hearing a rape occurred, we do not take to the streets with kegs of beer and dance under street lights. We don’t give rapists prizes, and name streets after them. Upon witnessing a rape, most of us attack the rapist, or call for help, like what happened in Harlem, D.C, and Queens. We react to rapists with a vitriolic hatred . If the Western world accepted and endorsed rape, the sexual violence rate would be through the roof, but that simply isn’t the case. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics 270,000 women were raped or sexuality assaulted in 2010; a number that is obviously far too high, but drastically smaller than the 556,000 rapes that happened in 1995. Although many rapes go unreported, the fact that the number of reported rapes has declined should make feminists feel lucky to live in a world where rape is abhorred, but they refuse to feel lucky because the narrative they were brainwashed into believing is too strong.

These salacious lies continued to be pushed by American feminists who like to believe they live in a society that hunts them like wild animals, while simultaneously ignoring and dismissing actual rape culture in countries that lack the same legal protection Western women have.

While everyone and their mother took to social media to condemn Turner’s sentencing, one story hit newsfeeds, and died a quick death. On June 8th, in Lahore, Pakistan, Parveen Rafiq was arrested by police after tying up her own 18-year-old daughter Zeenat, dousing her with kerosene and setting her on fire for the crime of marrying a man her family didn’t approve of. Just one week before another Pakistani woman died after being beaten and set on fire for refusing to marry a man twice her age.

Rafiq, who had burns through 80% of her body, was viciously beaten by her family after she told them about her relationship with Hassan Khan, a man of a different ethnicity than Rafiq. On the day of her death she was lured to her family’s home with promises of a wedding reception and forgiveness where she was killed. Her husband expressed his trepidation with the idea of his wife returning home because he mentioned, “ “Zeenat was unwilling to go back to her home and told me that she would be killed by her family, but later agreed when one of her uncles guaranteed her safety.”

The “honor killings” are just two cases of the 1,000 that happen each year in the country. You would think a case in which a two women were set on fire for making a personal choice in who to spend their lives with would draw the ire of feminists, but it hasn’t since any mention of the treatment of women in the Middle East and Africa is deemed xenophobic.

The feminists who have obsessed over the Turner sentencing don’t know Zeenat Rafiq’s name. They don’t care to acknowledge how privileged they are in the fact they can fall in love with whomever they want, from any religion, without having a parent or a relative killing them. In their minds Zeenat Rafiq is just another face in the crowd who is not an important figure in their asinine arguments.

What happened to Turner’s victim was horrendous, and she deserves sympathy and support, but she will live and end up having opportunities women in many parts of the world can only dream of. Three years ago Norwegian Marte Deborah Dalelv was handed a 16 month prison sentence after she went to police with an accusation that she was raped by a colleague in Dubai. She was only pardoned after a media firestorm berated authorities in the UAE, who also briefly jailed an Austrian citizen who reported her own rape in a hotel garage. Those two cases were supplemented by the case of Alicia Gali who was jailed after being raped under the charge of adultery. In the United Arab Emirates, having sex outside of marriage is strictly illegal, and often rape victims are put on trial for daring to be raped. Turner’s victim didn’t spend a second in jail, and while some rape victims may not press charges in fear they will not be believed in America, they will at least not be punished judicially for being violated.

In 38 countries; all in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, marital rape is legal. That means women who dare to refuse to have sex with their husband’s for any reason, whether they are on their period, are sick, or just not in the mood, don’t have the law on their side if their husband believes a ring on his finger grants him the right to have sex with his wife whether she wants to or not.

In India, a country with a rape epidemic that has seen sexual assault cases rise in New Dehli, a woman whose identity has never been revealed was gang raped by at least five men for eight months, who impregnated the woman. The court in her community denied her petition to have an abortion and forced her to take part in a, “purification ritual,” and in Somalia, one woman was forced to wipe her own blood off the floor that poured from her vagina after she was gang raped. In the first six months of 2013, in Mogadishu, 800 rapes, and acts of gender violence were reported; a number that is deemed low because women in the country fear the repercussions of filing a report. In a country with decades of brutal violence, rapes are common, and women lack the resources rape victims in the Western world are lucky to have. The number of prosecutions that take place in the war torn country are exceedingly rare in comparison to Western courts.

Women in the West are allowed to get an education, work, and can marry whomever they want. The very same women who claim that rape culture exists in the West did so after leaving their home by themselves, travelling to a newsroom to write their diatribes while women in many parts of the world are not allowed those freedoms.

Although Brock Turner received a lenient sentence, he has become arguably the most hated person in America. No one on any side of the political spectrum are defending him, or feeling sorry for his circumstance. Even if he will be free before Christmas, his dream of being an Olympic swimmer has ended, and he will forever known as a rapist, harming his career prospects and other aspects of his life. How people have reacted to Turner’s sentence is what happens in the West, and that is not rape culture.

If third wave feminists want to be taken seriously they should apply their rape culture narrative to countries that treat women like stray animals. American tax dollars go to countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India where women are truly under threat every second of their lives. The fact that feminists ignore these cases, and feel the need to argue a society that has allowed them freedoms millions of women don’t have, is rife in rape culture is pure insanity.

Rape culture is placing a rape victim in jail, a lenient sentence is not. It’s time for third wave feminists to understand the difference.