I Am Sick Of Colin Kaepernick

I have loved the San Francisco 49ers for almost the entirety of my life. I became a fan around the time they last won a Super Bowl and stuck with them after their Hall of Fame owner was pushed out; replaced by his nephew who has failed to live up to the legacy of an uncle, who knew what type of people to employ to assure a winning culture. I survived the early 2000's where coaches like Dennis Erickson, Mike Nolan, and Mike Singletary failed to continue the winning culture of the 49ers. I sat back in glee as the team finally hired a quality coach who took the team to three consecutive NFC Championship games, to only be brought back down to earth after a mutual parting dropped the Niners back down to failure.

Like most Niners fans I fell in love with Colin Kaepernick after his first NFL start against the Chicago Bears where he went 16 for 23 with 243 yards passing, two touchdowns and a quarterback rating of 133.1. When he stole the starting job from Alex Smith, he lit the NFL world on fire with his ability to throw bombs downfield and escape pressure to gain dozens of yards on the ground. His game against the Green Bay Packers in the 2012 playoffs was pure dominance in the air and on the ground. However for the past two years he has fallen off the cliff, and has statistically become one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL, at a price tag reserved for all-pros.

After Jim Harbaugh was fired following an 8–8 season the terrible front office staff hired Jim Tomsula, a man who had never been at best, a coordinator in the NFL, who never should have gotten the job in the first place. After Tomsula benched Kaepernick, and was fired in the offseason, Kaep requested a trade; essentially threatening to take his ball and go home. For months I heard biweekly rumors about potential trades involving Kaepernick, some in the stage of infancy, while others were supposed to be finalized any day. According to reports he was supposed to be shipped to Denver, but refused to take a pay cut. Then, he decided to report and due to injury, made his season debut in week three of the preseason where the shit hit the fan, and politics merged with sports.

As a fan, I am far more concerned that he threw six passes, and only completed two of them for a measly 14 yards; but that isn’t what we are talking about. We are all debating whether or not an American has the right to protest the social inequalities in America, or be forced by social protocol.

Colin Kaepernick expressed his first amendment right, and both sides of the debate have been unapologetically idiotic in response. America is a country that is incredibly patriotic. Canada has one song to play when the patriotic blood flows; the U.S has several. Americans have a pride and love of country not rivaled by any other nation, so there are people who get offended when someone, athlete, or normal person refuses to stand for the anthem, but since Kaepernick is black, and is protesting in support of the cause to eradicate police brutality, the virtue signalling of the left is out in full force. Any criticism is due to racism, any critique is censorship of black voices.

I’m sick of it all.

When rumors flared up again that Kaepernick was going to be released before the season began, commentators on Raw Story’s Facebook page claimed he will be cut because of racism. Never mind that football is a business that is predicated on wins and loses, and that almost 70% of the players are African American, because he happens to be black, the regressive left has another reason to whine, and make baseless claims of bigotry, because they need to make everything about race, call out every white person, for the beliefs of some white people. It is no shock that the regressive left has resorted to making the entire issue about race.

I have read many articles written by white men who have questioned patriotism, and have no room in their hearts for statism or the love of their country. As a person who stands for an anthem, I take no offense when a stranger decides to remain seated. So generalizing individual comments to cast judgement on an entire race is off base. Bigotry is a great social sin isn’t it?

The immediate reaction from progressives was to claim any harsh criticism of Kaepernick was rooted in racism, without actually proving it. The supposed evidence came from conservatives who talked about the progress in race relations and opined his income shows how little he and other wealthy individuals are oppressed. Progressives argued the different reactions to Kaepernick’s protest and Ryan Lochte’s big Olympic lie, showcased white privilege. Nothing else is ever considered when discussing the reasons why an action, or an opinion is criticized.

American political discourse is notoriously hypocritical. Hypocrisy has run rampant for decades. Republicans who argued Bill Clinton should be impeached for his infidelity, were cheating on their very own spouses. Liberals who called Bush Hitler, condemn conservatives for comparing Obama to Hitler. Liberals blasted Bush for The Patriot Act, and excused Obama for extending it. Salon questioned John McCain’s health in 2008, while calling questions about Hillary Clinton’s health, “mudslinging.”The same people who defended Trump for not putting his hand over his heart for the anthem before a Republican Party debate, are the same people who are demanding Kaepernick leave the country, because Trump has an R next to his name, and Kaep is protesting in the name of a movement that Trump doesn’t support. Hypocritical political discourse is as American as apple pie, but lets not talk about this; play the identity politics.

Colin Kaepernick’s income and profession should not disqualify from talking about social and political issues, but those opinions will be challenged; not because of the skin color of the voice that is expressing the opinion, but based on the opinion itself. We should be allowed to have different opinions on issues without our race being brought up in effort to delegitimize debate; but when you have people who refuse to work with each other, the pissing match continues with no end in sight.

When the predicted reaction to a story comes true, every time; the issue becomes tiring. The same tired arguments are spread throughout social media by people who react a certain way just to appease the mob and join in with the cool kids. That’s why any mention of Colin Kaepernick has long become a nuisance.

As a 49ers fan, I either want him cut so I can move on from the trade request and the rumors, or for him to take back the starting job and return to the form Niners fans saw when he lit up the Packers in 2012. The issue has been overplayed so much it has become satire. I already have to prepare for a season where my team can very well stink up the field. Give me peace.