Liberals Need To Get Serious About Homophobia and Radical Islam

American political discourse at its root is rife with hypocrisy and contradiction. When a radical Christian shoots up an abortion clinic, liberals are quick to place blame on the laps of every Christian, while conservatives are quick to defend Christianity. As news hit about a gay club in Orlando being shot up by a radicalized Muslim, liberals immediately used the event to politicize the tragedy into arguing for gun control, because that is the go to argument when a non-white Christian kills a dozens of innocent people.

For liberals to make the terror attack about guns is grossly disingenuous, and is ignorant to the real issue at the heart of the attack in Orlando. Radical Islam is diametrically opposite to liberalism, where sexism and homophobia is rampant.

The far left has a habit of casting judgement on Christians when the culprit of a shooting is a white Christian male. They argue Christian homophobia is violent, deadly, and dangerous, but they refuse to acknowledge the fact that radical Christianity in America is far less violent than radical Islam in the ways women, and gays are treated in the Middle East.

Radicalized Christianity is exposed in America through random abortion clinic shootings and bombings, and a proprietor refusing to do business with a gay person, or couple. That truth does not mean radical Christianity is without fault or sin, but to argue radical Christians match the evil of radical Islamists is so factually inaccurate it borders on absolute insanity. Omar Mateen was a radicalized Muslim man who witnessed two men kissing and felt it was completely justified to attack innocent people at a gay nightclub.

There is a massive difference between refusing to bake a cake for a gay couple, and shooting dozens of gays after seeing two men kiss.

In a poll of over 1,000 British Muslims, 52% of them believe homosexuality should be illegal; while 39% should always obey their husbands. Homosexuality is legal in the United States when 75 nations continue to ban the sexuality. To be gay in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Yemen you run the risk of being executed for the crime of being in love or sexually attracted to a person that shares your gender. In Nigeria, and Somalia, although laws do not dictate homosexuality is an offense that is punishable by death, executing gays still occurs. In Morocco, having sex with a person of the same gender could grant you a three year prison sentence.

These views on homosexuality are strictly adhered to Sharia Law. While the Bible says homosexuals should be stoned to death, no politician in America endorses the punishment, and only the most radical Christian supports the idea. Even though many Christian politicians have voiced their opposition to gay marriage, none of them view the execution of gays as a legitimate idea. Mateen was at least a sympathizer of ISIS who has been known for throwing gay men off of roofs. As of December 2015, the time The Daily Mail posted the story, ISIS had tossed 36 men off of roofs in Syria and Iraq under the accusation that those men were gay.

Liberals often dispute these facts because of Islamophobia. Because these acts aren’t committed by fundamental Christians, the radical Islamic implications are ignored. Liberals are perfectly content in casting judgement on all Christians for murders tied to radical Christian beliefs, but radical Islam gets a pass.

There needs to be a line drawn between bigotry, and the truth. To be deemed Islamophobic for mentioning the horrid treatment of gays by radicalized Muslims should not cast you as a bigot. In Pakistan, a group of Muslims are building a church for their Christian neighbors who don’t have a place to worship; in Calagry Syrian refugees with very little, donated money to victims of the wildfire in Fort McMurray. Obviously not all Muslims are evil, but mentioning the horrid treatment of gays by radical Islamists should not label you a Islamophobic, because the truth is not bigoted.

Like the predictable blowhards they are, liberals are refusing to acknowledge the aspect of homophobia in radical Islam by making this act of terror about guns, which in turn has made them look like hypocritical and ignorant fools. It is a fact radical Christianity in America is friendlier to gays than radical Islam is.

Although many on the right have used this tragedy to speak out against Muslim immigration, and even if many of them believe the West should close its doors to all refugees, they are right to mention how infectious homophobia is within radical Islam. It’s time for liberals to mention how radical Islam feeds violence towards homosexuals, and they should at least admit there is a problem. Being gay in America; a Christian nation in terms of population means you may get beaten, or have slurs directed at you, and you may find it difficult to find a priest to marry you and your boyfriend, but that is far better treatment than being tossed off a roof, executed by the government,or killed in a nightclub.

By not calling out radical Islam for how it treats women and gays sets a dangerous precedent where suspicious activities aren’t reported for fear of being labelled a bigot. To deny the violent homophobia in radical Islam is to be complicit in other future acts of Islamic terrorism against gays.

So liberals, what’s it going to be; will you finally be honest, or will you continue to blame products that are easily available despite laws for this heinous act of violence?

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