Our Political Activism and Discourse Is Run By Idiots And It Needs To End

Politics is in my blood, it permeates through my soul, and is expressed through my articles, and Facebook. I read up on various issues and express my opinions even though I may not have expertise in anything, and could very well be wrong. I’m humble, and willing to expand, or change my thoughts on a particular view, and I always try to maintain moral, and political consistency. And quite honestly, I have never felt more alone, because political activism and discourse is being controlled by angry, violent,uncivilized, and hypocritical idiots.

On Sunday, at a free speech rally at Berkeley, the thugs of Antifa; who have changed the definition of Nazis to fit the crybaby narrative of the regressive left, attack free speech advocates, and Trump supporters. What culminated was a pathetic showcase of immaturity and violence, that perfectly illustrated how much we have declined as a species.

When a then unknown male struck a female ANTIFA member, the left was quick to identify the perpetrator. They went into full mob mode, doxxing him and presumably uttering threats like everyone always does. Even though I don’t support what Nathan Damigo did, and find his views of white supremacy abhorrent; what angers me the most is the moral hypocrisy of the outrage, where an action is judged not on the act itself, but who was the perpetrator, and who was the victim.

When Kiara Robles was pepper sprayed during at interview outside the cancelled Milo Yiannopoulos event at Berkeley, the far left didn’t start a witch hunt to find her attacker, and the identity of the assaulter is still unknown. In their twisted mind, a vote for Trump, or support of free speech are acts of brutal violence. They also didn’t bother to hunt down the people who swung flag polls and struck a female at the same event. This shows ANTIFA is only against the assault of females when the victim is one of their own; and if a woman dares to wear a MAGA hat, she deserves to be assaulted.

Around the same time Damigo was found to be the man who assaulted a woman; the far right exposed Louise Rosealma as a nude model, and plastered videos and nude photographs of her all over message boards, in an effort to humiliate her; a childish and crude act, that should hold no place in political discourse. Furthermore; anyone who is paying attention knows if it was discovered Lauren Southern did some nude modelling while in college, and a leftist found the photographs and leaked them all over the web, the alt-Right would be incensed.

That is the world we live in; massive hypocrisy, moral inconsistency, and gross incivility, that makes both the alt-Right and the radical left appear to be the same beast ravaging through the wild.

The regressive left fails to acknowledge free speech is a natural right that protects us all from being imprisoned for spewing whatever nonsense we want to spread. Under free speech, the Black Lives Matter supporter who thinks white people should be placed in concentration camps, has the same right to spew their bigotry as the white supremacist who erroneously believes white people hold a genetic superiority. The opposite of free speech protection is seen in Pakistan where a Muslim student, who questioned inaccuracies in the Quran, was dragged out of his dorm room by a mob, and beaten to death in the streets while police didn’t do a thing. The far left sees what happened in Pakistan as the ideal solution to “hate speech,” where anyone who says what they don’t like should be at best, locked in a cage for hurting someone’s precious feelings. Instead of challenging controversial views intellectually, they create chaos, by burning and destroying property, assaulting intellectually curious people who want to see a speech, and ban literature, like they are descendants of the PMRC, who attacked rock music, and Citizens for Decent Literature, who tried to eliminate pornography through legislation. They are nothing but intellectual lightweights who censor speech that renders them catatonic.

The right looks at college campuses, and the insanity of the far left with their noses in the air, correctly condemning them for their childish reaction to dissenting thought, but they are no better than the “snowflakes,” they heavily criticize. When Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem, right wing hypocrite Tomi Lahren and others lost their marbles by spouting nationalistic nonsense claiming Kaepernick had nothing to complain about. The right wing snowflake fest continued when Coca-Cola produced a commercial of America the Beautiful being sung in various languages, which is no different than the regressive left going bonkers over the infamous Pepsi commercial with Kylie Jenner.

The left nearly destroyed the career of Milo Yiannopoulos, for appearing to defend pedophilia in years old podcasts, but didn’t bother to dig up dirt on Bill Maher who during his stint on Politically Incorrect argued men can’t be raped, and Mary Kay Letourneau was, “put in jail because she’s in love,” and doesn’t “-conform to what society feels should be the perfect American family.” Yet; he still has his show on HBO.

We have feminism infused with misandry that calls out anti-women commentary, while it demeans men. We have Black Lives Matter supporters claiming all white people are racist, and we have conservatives who defend white Christians after Planned Parenthood clinic attacks, who proudly spew anti-Muslim bigotry whenever an Islamist attacks the West. The examples of moral and political hypocrisy are voluminous, appear daily, and both sides are too entrenched in their mobs to see what they are doing, and how stupid they sound. Most importantly, we have completely removed ourselves from honest and inclusionary discussion with the sole purpose of improving ALL of our lives.

There was a time seemingly too long ago, where a man and a woman with different political views could fall in love and build a life together full of respect and passion. We used to be able to find common ground and think of what unites us when developing friendships; now we dismiss the other and only befriend those who think as we do. Instead of searching for reasoning in hopes to understand why a person thinks the way we think, we accuse a person of spewing hate speech and try to force them into unemployment. We used to read literature that conflicts with out political beliefs, and watch documentaries from a different point of view from ours; now we protest outside of movie theaters who air films with a subject matter we find disgusting.

With every passing day I feel more alone; lost in the wilderness with no one around, because no one cares to look into why a person voted for Donald Trump; they simply call the person a bigot. The left attacks bigotry with bigotry, while the right refuses to listen and try to find common ground as to why people of color feel the system is out to get them. I admit, in my past work I have placed myself on a certain side, but that was based on my past leftism and how I felt the left has betrayed their supposed tolerance. Now I sit in the middle looking left and looking right while you all put your blinders on, enter your echo chambers, and act like a bunch of uncivilized and uneducated idiots,who mimic a child having a fit in the grocery store because mommy won’t buy Frosted Flakes.