Reflecting on Susan Fowler’s Reflections
Aimee Lucido

I would not be so quick to judge a sexual harassment charge. I was approached by an employee that had worked for my company for years and she was in tears and shaking, while she told me a story of a hire-up employee and her, that involved sexual harassment. I totally believed her but after I did a thorough investigation, I realized her story was completely made up and it actually involved a crush that she had on this person that was not being reciprocated. After that incidence, I was leery of almost all sexual harassment stories. I was so conned; she was so believable. She even mocked me and laughed, when I approached her with the truth. (Her comment was, “so you have never stretched the truth before.” But the truth was, there was hardly any truth in her story. The truth was she was being vindictive because she was being rejected.

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