Still Angry: John Podesta’s First Interview Since the Hacked Election
John Battelle

It appears that all is fair in love, war and politics. After all the fake news and games the Democrats did to try and win this election, for John Podesta to say anything is hypocritical. Hillary and the DNC screwed Bernie Sanders by conspiring with Hillary on how to win Bernie, and then the person who delivers the lawsuit papers ends up dead, a few days later. It appears the the Clinton’s are back to their old tricks. Seems like a threat to me. Then Hillary was fed, ahead of time, questions on the debate. Over and over again Hillary and her team, swore there could not be any voter fraud, from outside sources. It was not possible, but when they lose; Russia was the cause for her loss. Now that is fake news. Yes, Wiki Leaks and Hillary’s irresponsibility, of her emails, did sway the election, but I don’t think the Russians had anything to do with that. Then the Jessica Leed’s scandal, where Hillary has a friend to make up a story about Donald Trump. That was fake news. There is a lot of potential fake news about John Podesta and pizzagate flying around. There is a lot of not so fake news about The Clinton Foundation and donations from foreign countries, while she was Secretary of State and while running for office and million dollar birthday parties for Bill and of course the Haiti scandals. Many are stretched but most have a little or a lot of truth to them. Hillary has so much scandal and corruption encircling her. She did not need the Russians to interfere, for her to loose the election.

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