Did America Ever Really Work?
umair haque

Yes, like all societies there were evils that existed and still exist, but what makes a nation as ours great, is the fact that there is opportunity, like as in no other society, in history, to overcome these circumstances. It is whether you grasp that opportunity or not, is whether you continue to live a life you choose and love or one that you do not like or choose. One aspect of our free-enterprises system is that almost everything we use in our lives was invented in America and was financed and marketed in America. You have the opportunity to educate yourself, start a business, be an inventor, become an athlete or artist. Your choices determine your circumstances. 90% of the homeless chose alcohol or drugs. Most of the jobless chose to not educate themselves or take advantage of other opportunities. There are of course circumstances where there are exceptions to theses statements, but overall, in America, you choose your life. Even though my parents came from circumstances that were not the best, they made the best of their circumstances. My mother grew up with-out a mother and she was severely abused. She dropped out of school and started working at 15 and married at 17 and had 8 kids in 10 years. My father dropped out of high school and joined the navy. They started a business that grew and was successful. They put the education of their children, as a priority in their lives. They worked very hard and changed the circumstances of their life and their children’s lives. I know people that were drug addicts but chose to make the changes necessary to overcome and now are extremely successful people. Even if you come from extreme poverty, extreme abuse or make bad choices, you still have opportunity. We need to quit making excuses and start giving encouragement. I really don’t know very many racist people in America, but I know a lot of politicians that use minority exploitation for personal political gain. That was one of my biggest disappointments with the last administration, they created racism where there was not any.

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