Ten Thoughts About Hurricanes, Climate Change, And The Deep State
Caitlin Johnstone

You, certainly have the idea right. Our political world is controlled by entities above the ordinary people they are supposed to represent. Let’s take Obama Care; written by the insurance industry to benefit them and very few others. Billions are paid in by individuals in higher premiums and higher deductibles and billions more in mandates by small businesses and individuals that cannot afford to purchase insurance. Kaiser Permanente went from making a 10 million dollar profit in 2010 to a 3.1 billion dollars profit in 2016. Yet, studies show less people are actually visiting doctors, because they cannot afford to go to the doctor after paying higher premiums and deductibles. Doctors are working longer hours and treating less patients because of the extra paperwork. Obama Care was never about better health care but about more people purchasing health insurance. Millions more may be insurance but they don’t receive treatments. They never even planned for more doctors to be available to treat people; in fact there are less doctors treating per capita than before Obama Care.

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