My first time..

So. I am super nervous and not sure on exactly what to write about as my first post so…… I’ll just share my thoughts — so be kind. Here we go!

This photo was taken at the Connecticut State Capitol by a dear friend and mentor, Senator Gary Winfield.

Let’s go down memory lane to 2013 for a few moments. 2013 was a year of such transformation through great trials and tribulation as communities across our nation experienced a series of bittersweet events…


· the 50th Anniversary of Medgar Evers’ assassination

· the 45th Anniversary of Dr. Kings’ assassination

· the 40th Anniversary of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing that killed four little black girls

· the 50th Anniversary for the March on Washington celebration

· and the continued fight for justice for the many faces of Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland and countless others whose lives were taken

What a journey!

My journey has been a transformation of sorts as well and I am certain most of your journeys have as well. My transformation has made me realize how important it is that people are empowered. Dr. Cornel West once said, “A fundamental transformation of our way of thinking and living promotes a transfer of power to everyday people and ordinary citizens.”

Transformation. A powerful process:

· a hardworking mother whose devotion to her family in the darkest of days kept me on the right path

· a civic-minded grandmother whose work to help mothers on public assistance yet urging them to take ownership of their destinies taught me that no one wants to be, deserves to be or has to be disenfranchised

· a father whose struggle to find his way because he believed that drugs were his only way out in most situations simply implores me to create opportunities for young men who need positive male role models.

Transformation is a powerful process and I am the product of transformation.

Throughout my daily routine, I am constantly looking for ways to provoke transformation. Every day I am faced with a great sense of urgency to paint a vivid picture of a better tomorrow for those I lead but also acknowledge the sacrifices of those who labored before me. Are provoking transformation?

Picture taken at my headquarters back in 2012. After the Democratic primary for the seat resulted in a tie, which led to two recounts, a lawsuit and a court-ordered second primary. What a journey!
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