Things to to in Bromsgrove in the rain! ☔️

Its raining, you have a house full of wild children, fear not! Here are our top five places to go with kids in the rain.

Soft Play — now lefts face it, we all know Soft Play can be hell on earth and the whole world and their wife can be in there but its often a half hour breather you need to have a cuppa and reboot! Here are our faves:

  • Imagination street it maybe huge and a little to daunting to those with small children but it has its perks including their trampoline park. The size although big does allow children to fully embrace their parent free hours and with great security and the entrance/exit it mean you can position yourself in a sofa with a cuppa and block out the sounds of screaming children having fun. The trampoline park is perfect for families with a variety of ages to contend with.
  • Study Garden Centre has a really cute small soft play which is perfect for under 5’s. My children love the toadstools they can eat their snack on and generally this is a lovely place to go if the bigger places scare you! As its fairly new its also lovely and clean — which is always a hit.
  • Tardebigge Wacky Warehouse has enough to please toddlers and slightly older children and lets face it a soft play where you can also grab a large wine is worth considering. You can combine your trip for a cheap and cheerful lunch out too. The soft play is on the smaller size and can seem a bit crazy when full but you can often find quiet times throughout the week so choose wisely!
  • The new 360 Play in redditch has had good reviews which include amazing security, although taking the kids into a shopping centre maybe some people’s worst nightmare it does create the opportunity to leave the kids in there with Dad whilst you sneak into the shops — every cloud!!! It is one of the more expensive options so you’d want to commit to a good few hours to justify the price. The bumper cars and carosel earnt me hours of childfree time though! So you could argue it’s well worth the expense.
  • Further a field tickle your fancy? then try some of the ones listed in this Birmingham Mail article.

The Library — we love Bromsgrove library where children can get lost in reading or drawing and easily kill an hour. You can enjoy the peace (or spend your whole time saying Ssshhhhhhh — child dependant!!). Keep an eye out for specific activities or projects they encourage children to get involved in too particuarly during school holidays. They tend to be promoted via their facebook page here. The Library also has baby and toddler music groups so be sure to check out those times so you can pop along (or avoid dependent on your child!).

Swimming — For a straight forward swimming trip you can’t go wrong with either The Dolphin Centre or Abbey Stadium just be sure to check online for their timetables as you’ll want to avoid swimming lesson times etc. If you want to go further afield places like Cocksmoor Leisure Centre in Kingsheath or Crystal Swimming Pool also have wave machines and slides.

Embrace it! Embrace the rain, get the splash suits and wellies on and go for it! Lets face it there is nothing kids love more than an adventure so take a trip to places like Pepper Wood or the Lickey Hills and get stuck in!

The Cinema — we’re lucky enough to have some great cinemas near by including Redditch and Rubery. You can make a day of it and also head over to the Hollywood Bowl if you choose Great Park at Rubery.

West Midlands Safari Park — Entry includes a return ticket (see website for the rules!) but why not go on a rainy day, see if you can seek out the animals and then use the free return ticket for when the sun is shining and you can make full use of the park?

Eat! If in doubt — eat! There are some lovely coffee shops which also find a way to entertain children for example — Webbs has a host of ways to entertain children, whether that be testing out the latest sun lounger, going wild on craft supplies in hobbycraft, the outdoor play area, The search for the hobit house in the gardens or begging for a new pet in the animal area! Willowbrook Garden Centre on the stourbridge road has a lovely small play area too so you can enjoy a hot drink and Lorrita’s Bakehouse in the town has, well, amazing cake!

For a small town there is a variety of options even in the rain! The worst can often happen is you get drenched getting in the car!

A quick power nap!
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