Things to do in and around Bromsgrove when the sun is out! ☀️

Where to head when the sun is blazing hot — it doesn’t happen often so be quick to decide!

Hot and sticky children can be a chore especially when you’re hot and bothered too, so here are my top ideas for some places to go to cool down!

Worcester Splash Park — A lovely place for a cool down and as its higher ground that surrounds the splash park you can be sure to be able to see your children wherever they are! Also a conveniently placed ice cream van seems to be on hand, but the cafe is a trek so best to take some drinks and snacks/picnic with you.

Droitwich Lido — get there early as this place packs out so trust the weatherman or if there is even a sniff of hot weather get that bag ready on standby!

Droitwich Lido

Sandwell Valley Park — this is a place which is perfect for a range of ages because of the varying play parks, climbing frames as well as the splash park.

The Cinema — if you want to get out the sun for a couple of hours lets face it these places are always cold!!

Hanbury Hall is also a lovely place to head with lots of shaded areas in the orchard, play park and den building area. Ice creams are also available on tap and the lovely lawns to just crash onto and let the kids run wild with a ball!

We are lucky that there are lots of places further a field too and if you wanted to head to the beach here is some more information on where is closest!

Enjoy the warm weather whenever its graces us with an appearance!

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