Top style tips from Wear the Stars Stylist Nicola Gotthardt-Mills

We took ten minutes out of the busy life of Nicola, owner and stylist of Wear the Stars to get her advice on how mums can look good on the school run and also how to establish your fashion identifty after having had children. Nicola is also a mum of three so can totally relate to us busy mums!

Tell us what your go to clothes are when you are in a rush?

Skinny jeans if I’ve got five minutes and Gym Kit if I’ve got two! (Obviously one of our Wear the Stars hoodie or sweatshirt will add a bit of glamour! 😜)

What are your top three tips for still looking good on the school run when you have no time?

ooh tricky, i’d say always invest more in expensive outer garments, like a nice coat or handbag and sunnies so you can get away with basics.

What is your worst fashion mistake since being a mum?

I think mums find it hard to evolve and find their style whilst entering new phases of their life. You need to have a good look around and see what you like and adapt it to suit your lifestyle and most importantly make sure it suits your personality. It’s ok if florals don’t suit you or you don’t feel bright colours are your thing. If you are more classic then work with that, just do it well and invest in good basics.

What are your thoughts on Pyjamas worn by mums on the school run?

Just wtf. Get dressed woman, even if you do put your gym kit on. I think to feel good about yourself it’s important to make an effort in your everyday life. Even if that means wearing your gym kit with your favourite handbag. Just to elevate that outfit to the next level.

What pieces of clothing should every mum own?

Skinny jeans & a good shopper bag to chuck all your stuff in. A stylish ‘mum’ coat that looks good with everything. A decent pair of trainers that you can throw on with your favourite jeans and good basics like t shirts that you can add jewellery with to elevate your outfit.

What is the best advice you could give a mum who feels she has lost her fashion way since becoming a mum?

Take the time to get to know yourself again. Look at social media where there is a wealth of mums who like to show us what they are wearing from high street to higher end brands. See who you most align yourself with and start going into shops and have some trying on sessions. Don’t be afraid to save images you like and go into the shop and replicate them and see if you feel comfortable. If you don’t, tweak it until you feel more like you. If you really can’t do it, find a local personal stylist who can help you. Once you find a style that suits you, stick with it and work on it. Constantly upgrade your wardrobe when you can afford it. Buy cheaper t shirts and when the budget allows buy better quality. Same goes with jeans. The more amount of elastane in you jean (at least 2%) the better they will fit and will pull you in more where you need it.

Did you feel you changed how you dressed once you became a mum?

Definitely! I now go for more stylish comfort. Trainers, designer sweats and jeans. I upgrade where I can and save for those one off pieces that will lift my overall look.

What tips would you give to make your outfit more stylish?

  • Fold over your cuffs of EVERYTHING! It shows off one of the most flattering parts of your body, your wrists and will make you look more elegant and stylish.
  • Add a bit if tailoring into your everyday look. Wear eg cigarette pants with trainers and a tee. This will keep It casual but super stylish.
  • Add your favourite jewellery to a simple outfit which will instantly lift it and make you feel like you’ve made more of an effort.
  • Invest in a really nice handbag that makes you happy! Even if you feel rubbish a lovely handbag will add style and make your outfit look more expensive.
  • Get a good bra! 95% of women wear the wrong size bra. If you’ve lost your waist, it’s probably under there somewhere!! Having children and getting older changes our body shapes so we should be getting measured regularly.

So as we all go off to turn our cuffs up on every outfit, Nicola goes back to selling some beautiful hoodies and sweatshirts. Nicola also gives out her style tips and shoes us her recent purchases on her Instagram page. Go check her out! 👍🏻