Andela Bootcamp 10 Day 2

Today was official beginning boot camp. After all, last Friday was a ‘self learning clinic’. So after a getting a generous dose of pre-medication from the facilitators, today was the day to put the pedal to the metal. Well, in truth, the weekend hadn’t been a free ride. Bootcamp consumes every sinew of your body and mind. Mostly the mind. I had many moments where you are out going wild, then a niggling thought catches you in the spur of the moment and you remember, bootcamp!

On Sunday, I took time to some labs. This went well, except for the car class, which just won’t pass the hidden tests. We had a discussion about it with fellow bootcampers in #TeamRain, but we didn’t manage to crack it, as of yet. Unfazed, I attempted several others to raise my spirits, and thankfully some them bowed to my coding skills in submission. But still, the elephant was still in the room.

I then began my second task for the day, which was to show my understanding of OOP concepts such as inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation. That went well, but time does fly! All of a sudden, I was staring right down at the deadline, 4.30 pm. Tic, toc, tic toc, the clock gets louder in my ears. So this is a test of nerves, and I must hold myself together.

I can do this!