Andela Bootcamp 10: Day 3

Today was the last day to do week one exercises. Much like how the week began, one lab exercise had decided to make our lives difficult. But sometimes, as we’ve come to learn, the issue is bigger than us. You win some, you lose some.

Today’s learning outcome was on front end development. I always try to keep my weaknesses on track, and I long discovered that design, or art generally is a talent I wasn’t gifted with. It was quite evident as I struggled with css styling. I soldiered on in TIA spirit, and I had my styling done after nearly an hour of tinkering around. Though I would never show my web page to a seasoned front end developer. It would make their eyes bleed.

Our group, #TeamRain had a low point today though. Our facilitator broke the sad news of the passing of one our member’s relative. The chat room had a sombre mood, there was less jesting and talk. Maybe three days were taking their toll on us. I know they were in my case. Another scary moment was thanks to Kenya Power. The worst nightmare of the off campus bootcamp is a blackout, and that’s exactly what happened at around 10am. I was sure my goose was cooked, but just when I was about to throw in the towel, power came back. Close shave!

Finally, the exercises are over. Tomorrow, it’s back to Andela to know my fate. Thankfully, I don’t have to be kept in suspense till Friday evening. I pity the poor souls who’ll have to wait that long! I pray that whatever I’ve done for the past three days will impress the facilitators.

Fingers crossed.