Katie Porter: Catharcissism

WHEN : 16th April, 12:00–3:00pm
WHERE : CLUTCH Collective

‘Catharcissism’ is a portmanteau of the words catharsis and narcissism, and is an attempt to both explain the reason for the work and apologise for its self-centred nature. The subtitle (save me make me keep me take me) acts as instructions for the work (and also a tiny poem).

Katie Porter is a Brisbane-based artist whose practice consists of text, sculpture, and installation. Her work often references personal narratives and experiences of anxiety, but also looks at studio processes to combat these issues. This is referenced within unrefined pieces incorporating traces of the studio (post-it notes, cork boards, incomplete sentences). These processes, largely based in collage and reinterpretation between mediums, result in work that fluctuates between self-conscious and impersonal.

Essay by Jacob Warren

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