Westport Presbyterian Church

AIA Kansas City 2016 Design Excellence Winner

In anticipation of this year’s AIA Kansas City 2017 Design Excellence Awards on November 10, we are featuring the Westport Presbyterian Church, a recipient of last year’s award.

Constructed in 1905, the 27,000-square-foot, multi-story church stood as a symbol of fellowship and community. In 2011, a catastrophic fire destroyed a majority of its roof, interior structure, and finishes, leaving only the exterior limestone shell.

Repurposed stained glass

Rising from the ruins is a new church that creates a stronger community presence while acknowledging the congregation’s rich history. Delicately sited in and around the rough-cut stone walls, the new church is a complementary contrast to the original Romanesque Revival building.

The parti is organized around the historic tower, reimagined as a two-story volume with views of the sky through clerestory glazing. The new spaces include a sanctuary, chapel, gathering space, fellowship room, multipurpose room, administrative offices and office space, which will be leased to a local non-profit. A “storefront” space is located at street level, allowing the church to extend its ministry beyond the historic walls of the sanctuary.

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