Hello folks,

We are back with another announcement, BNSD finance is listed on world’s largest DEX, Uniswap.

We have deployed trading pool on Polygon network. You can use your metamask or trust wallet to trade BNSD on polygon network at Uniswap.

• BNSD Polygon Contract address: 0xFe457497A2A71bCE1eb93eA9e6a685057dd93dEe

Happy Trading!

Onwards and Upwards,
Team BNSD Finance



Ascent is the world’s first decentralized token Launchpad platform which carefully vets best projects in which users can participate and we have a huge announcement!

Certik Security Assessment for BNSD completed.

Read the full report here:

We are working to create Decentralised governance ecosystem and Decentralised community projects for the Crypto community.

Ascent launchpad is one of the utility of $BNSD. There is an upcoming IEO on Ascent.

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