The sun gleamed and she blinked is all..

Her smell was unfulfilling. You could never get enough of it . He wanted to tell her that but what is the point of filling a womans mind up with all the words which can make her feel happy about her self. It will never suffice. He knew what is bright now must be darkness later and what thrills now can be a fretter as heavy and strong as iron. He could still watch her and take in every detail as the sun gleamed and she blinked at the wind blowing in her face. The shade was good but the warm breeze took asway any comfort that it offered. The see kept roaring. He watched, her hand in his. Young and bright pink, a bitten nail here, a small skin peeling there , not manicured but nonetheless they were hands which could promise you somthing you desired. They would promise it and then work itself bloody to give to you. They were hands that built nations and stood behind men and some day blessed grand children. Blessed them not with gold, but with strength, with will power and power to refrain and hold back when it was most pleasurable to pursue the thing of interest. To hold back from indulging. They were cool. It was the shade you looked for in the beating sun. Oh what has god created in a woman. What has creation embodied in her…. Puzzeled him. She asked him with a quick twitch of her head and eyebrows as to what he was thinking, and how her wished he could tell her all this, instead he just shook his head as to say nothing. She held her look, for a moment longer and he knew she knew , then she smiled..

She caught him looking at him in awe. She liked that look. Her younger brother had it when she told him about what was being taught in class, he looked at her like she was goddess imparting wisdom of eternal life… Now he watched in same raptor scarcely breathing as they held hands… He had strength in him. Not the type which made muscles ripple and make her knees go weak. His was a different sort. It was in the depth of his soul. It was the strength to be kind. A strength she knew she lacked, she wanted something she took it. He would think too much about all the people that would be hurt. He thought too much about maybe its his weakness. She thought life was there for the taking and the more kinder you got the poeple demanded from you and they never have enough of you. The more you gave the more they wanted and all human love just a an act of love towards the self. It is better to take what you want and to make what you can of it. All of die anyways. He would still not take it and not that he did not know of people and their ulterior motives, he just still believed in them and that was something which attaracted her to him. he was childish and stupid at times but he desired no other woman. He never promised her the sun and stars but he did have them in his hands the way he held her hands.. THey were gentle, just the way he will hold her childs hands and just the way he will hold hers when she will be ready to depart to the world. Just the way he held his granny..He was the shelter from the storm is all…

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