why would you deny someone services when it in no way affects you?
Nobody thinks they’re a villain, and I don’t believe in evil.
Parker Molloy

But that’s disingenuous. It DOES affect them, on a moral and spiritual level. To go against one’s deeply held beliefs just for the appeasement of someone else certainly would affect them.

I’m a Christian and I don’t vibe with any discriminatory acts (and I’m pretty sure Jesus would be the first one to make a cake for that wedding — he liked a good party), but to say that their moral judgement wouldn’t affect them in anyway is making light of their convictions (whether we view them as wrong or not.)

In order to see those who are misguided in their treatment of other through to the other side, don’t we first have to do our best to at least empathize with where they’re coming from? We’re all humans after all. Empathy should be what defines us. We don’t just crack people’s heads open if they step out of line, even if we are the ones on the right side of history.

Well… at least we shouldn’t. :)

Great article so far. I could write so much more on good vs. evil but I’ll spare everyone for now. Very thought-provoking.

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