This is why I support a SAG-AFTRA strike authorization for video games — and it isn’t about money.
Wil Wheaton

I could probably rant about this for way too long, but let me just make this observation: this is the kind of thing that happens when, as a society, you teach the current generation (let’s say anyone my age (33) and younger) that unions are bad. The idea that corporate bargaining against multi-billion dollar companies by a group of unified employees is somehow “greedy” on the part of the employee is a twist of fate I would’ve never seen coming.

When you look around and see every day the extent to which a majority of corporations will go to save a dime or skirt a rule or increase profits, it’s no WONDER they want unions out and no WONDER in our free-market-or-die, get-ahead-at-any-cost era that unions would become increasingly vilified by corporately-funded media. When even a durable, brand-conscious company like Volkswagen is CHEATING to get around PAYING to make their products meet ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION REGULATIONS and LYING to keep customers buying those products under false pretenses, you know this is more than just a few bad apples spoiling the bushel.

I’m from Michigan, 3 hrs west of the Motor City, and I’m also a screenwriter — I know all about unions. And I know they’re not perfect. But here we have a situation where a group of individuals (voice actors) has chosen to be part of a union to gain collective bargaining power, and (one of) the industries they work in literally won’t even sit down at the table with them to negotiate. I can’t think of a more blatant example of turning a blind eye to an issue than that. And if you are naive enough to think “please, those spoiled artists. They’ll live. Besides, the money will trickle down eventually, these are video game companies after all, how rotten can they be?! They make video games!” just as the VFX industry how well sitting and waiting on some kind of non-existence corporate morality is going for them. The VFX field (including these guys that make games, if they haven’t already) NEED TO UNIONIZE and the SAG-AFTRA members NEED TO STAND BEHIND THEIR UNION, especially in the cut-throat industry they’re in. If they don’t, the race to the bottom in wages and benefits will go from bad to downright cataclysmic.

Thanks for sharing your perspective Mr. Wheaton. #hatersgonnahate

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