How can cities make space for culture?

New handbook published for city leaders

How can cities continue to grow and attract investment while preserving their cultural infrastructure — and the vibrancy and diversity that make them unique?

This month, our World Cities Culture Forum — a network of the Mayors of Culture for 33 cities around the world collaborating on shared opportunities and challenges around creativity and culture in their cities — published ‘Making Space for Culture’, a handbook for City Leaders.

Making Space for Culture is the latest handbook in the forum’s Policy and Practice Series. The publication explores how world cities are working to maintain and develop a dynamic mix of spaces and facilities for cultural production and consumption, amidst the current affordability crisis these cities are facing.

Providing twelve case studies from across the globe (incl. London, Istanbul, Hong Kong, San Francisco, and Madrid), the handbook illustrates some of the ways the forum’s member cities are responding to these challenges and provides tangible recommendations across funding and finance, planning and policy, and the development and provision of space.

The report has already been picked up by Fast Company here.

The full handbook can be downloaded here.

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