An Open Letter To You
talia jane

Talia. First up, excellent stories. Secondly, we spoke while you were still employed by Yelp!. I have a certain disdain for Yelp! and those who use it. I wish my business never was listed. I find the users of Yelp! to be some fairly pretentious self-entitled assholes and if a potential client tells me they found me through Yelp!, I tell them to go elsewhere for service. Yelp! users that have come to me have been the absolute worst kind of people, one assaulted me and I had her arrested and charged.

That said you were the sole voice of reason at that company, but voices of reason are sadly never heard. I’m glad for this opportunity to read about your struggles. I take no pleasure in the fact that you are struggling but I am glad your voice of reason is being heard.

I always wondered why Yelp!, as a business, didn’t have review page for itself on their site. None of the review sites list themselves for others to write reviews of them. That failing takes away from their credibility as a review site in my otherwise humble opinion.

I believe you are well placed to do some good. I would only suggest that you keep yourself grounded. Do what you can when you can and don’t try to do more than you can. Thats the best way to be effective for the greater good.

You will remain in my prayers and meditations. Good job so far, keep it up!


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