Keep Believing!

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I woke up one morning and the first thing I said while still in bed was “Dear God, what am I doing with my life?”
I sat for a while and thought about the last ten years of my life and I saw many dots forming a pattern, which is yet to be completed.
I realized that I’m on a journey and everything and everyone who has been in and out of my life had a different role to play, irrespective of the roles, one thing stood out: the lessons I learned from each and everyone. I didn’t realize how much I’ve grown until I began to think about how my choices, my preferences, my thoughts, my utterances and my actions had changed greatly. I shrugged my shoulders and said it hasn’t been a smooth journey and it’s even going to get tougher. I heard a voice saying, “You’ll go through successfully, if you keep believing and not lose focus”.

You might not see results in your hustle at the moment. Situations might get messy and the weak part of you will say to you “throw in the towel, nothing is ever going to work”l.” The responsibilities might get scary, and the obvious choice will smile at you saying “give up!” Listen, all these are a part of the journey, and it’s only persistence that can beat resistance; but while being persistent, be sensitive to know when to make, move or change a strategy. Do not get carried with the “hustletainment.” Meet people, share ideas, learn new things, be open to constructive feedback, filter advices and continue the race. Be guided by your beliefs and always review the reason why you’re doing what you are doing. If at any point you realize it’s not for the right reasons, it’s never too late to start all over.

Yea! Don’t forget this.

At the end of it all define what happiness means to you, and ultimately do what makes you happy.