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Backpack Travel

The First Travel Credit Consumer Trading Platform — Backpack Travel

Backpack Travel is the first technology platform based on digital to provide S2B2C ecosystem services for the global travel supply chain, providing accurate traffic and enhanced customer loyalty for B-end merchants, and providing more affordable travel consumer services for C-end users. S2B2C’s BTA alliance chain model enables the sharing of benefits for all travel community participants.

Our Weekly Bulletin is regularly posted. If you are interested in Backpack Travel project, join us now.

The following is the content of the weekly report of this project:

User interface rendering for DAPP application development

1. Individual submit order details page to add new passengers;

2. Fill in the order and only one ticket or no ticket details will be modified;

3. Select payment method details to modify;

4. Face recognition details modification

Application development interactive interface rendering

1. Passenger review page interaction details modification;

2. Passenger reviews add star rating.

Based on the credit system built on blockchain technology, the tourism blockchain products can be extended to all aspects of the tourism industry, building a new benign development of tourism ecology, and becoming one of the core pillars of the future tourism industry. Tourism platform such as Backpack Travel is to achieve this goal, to achieve application landing.

Official announcement channels: Gold Finance, Chain to Finance, Chain media; official Subscription account, traditional media such as today’s headlines.

Backpack Travel

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Backpack Travel Blockchain - a project that can bring you the real borderless travel experience with its inherent utility Travel Shield on BTA.

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